Sabrina always obeyed the rules, listened to her parents, never got in trouble, and many other wonderful things. She was the perfect child. Her grades were always sky high and she was beautiful too. Sabrina grew tired of the same old same old and of having to live up to everybody's expectation. That's when Sabrina grew hungry...Hungry for blood and revenge. She always got made fun of for being the "goody-goody" and now wanted them to feel her pain. Her bloodlust grew bigger every day and she craved it more and more. Sabrina finally got hold of a weapon and decided to kill her teacher. Her first victim.


Chapter One, "A Teacher's Downfall"Edit

(This will being continously updated, so don't worry about it being half-finished) Sabrina walked in the hallway, chatting with her "best friends". She wasn't paying attention to her friends, occasionally nodding her head and smiling. She was distracted with the thoughts rambling in her mind, plans to kill. She didn't know when the best time to strike was, or how she will dispose of the body. 

She chewed on her bottom lip for awhile. Then, an idea hit her. She will burn the body. She could first confront the victim then brutally stab him repeatedly and after that burn the evidence. It was perfect.