Image Name Label Tribe Age
Brady Smith The Model Karbo 18

Brady came to Castaway Island to gain his rightful cash in order to become the millionare he so desperately wants to be. Can he achieve this fame and fortune that he desires?

Daniella Sankeso The Somewhat Creepy But Also Sweet Girl Karbo 18

Daniella came to the show to show off her professional cosplaying skills. She wants to win this competition so that she can prove her point and become a costume model. Perhaps

she really can win this and show what she is capable of?

  • Daniella is based off of the Video Game Character of the same name from the Haunting Ground.
Hailey Tang The Person That Nobody Likes Chur 19

Hailey was once a highschool cheerleader until she turned 18. Now, she's a simple worker at a local food shack. She's come to show she's capable of going professional for the professional football leagues' cheerleading squad.

Harvey Deuk The Rich Kid Karbo 18

Harvey grew up with a rich family. He came to the show to gain plenty more to his fortune than his parents would ever have anticipated. If he wins, he will certainly make his family famous for being the 3rd richest in the world.

  • Deuk is Dutch for Dent. Dent is his last name, making it Harvey Dent. Harvey Dent is Two Face in the batman saga. Harvey growing up in a rich family is a reference to Bruce Wayne--Batman.
Marmalade Miranda The Freaky Chick Karbo 20

The woman from Spain who speaks surprisingly good english has joined the show. Her first debut in anything, she herself has created a good strategy plan. Once she wins, she wants to open her own fancy fruit hat shop. Can she pull it off?

  • Marmalade took the longest to make on the count of her fruit hat.
Michael Swanson The Forgetful Boy Who Wears a Jacket Chur 18
Michael was involved in a car crash when he was younger. He has a brain condition which causes temporary amnesia at random points in time, and nobody knows what he'll forget. Most often, it's what he's doing, but it's happened in worse cases. Michael hopes to win the competition to afford his surgery to fix his amnesiac issues.
Natalie Scall The Unusually Short Girl Chur 18
Natalie is an unusually short girl. She wants to win this competition simply to get a size fixture surgery. Can she do it, and not be voted off for being different?
Olivia Tempest The Queen Dee Karbo 18

Olivia was always the popular girl in highschool. Outside, not so much. She hopes to regain her respected status by winning the show. By even being on the show, she's proven she's capable. Will she become the Queen Bee she wants to be?

  • Dee is a reference to Bee, on the account of Olivia being the former Queen Bee.
James Hasset The Jock Karbo 18
James Hasset is a former highschool Jock who wants to continue being a Jock. He needs to win this cash prize to be what he's always wanted to be: a famous sports player or announcer. Whichever comes first.
Scarlet Sullivan The Girl That Likes Red Chur 18
Scarlet has a suffering aunt. She only wants to win the competition to earn the cash needed for her operation. Can she save her aunt from her demise? And more importantly, can she find someone to call a friend?
Tiffany Square The Strong Independant Former Cheerleader Chur 18
Tiffany was, actually, a cheerleader in the same school Hailey was in. She, however, was always more beloved than her. Tiffany vs Hailey--the ultimate feud. Who will win? Can Tiffany win to prove her point, and gain the riches she thinks she deserves?
Tony Segal The Homosexual Chur 19
Tony came to Castaway Island to show what he can do. He wants to show off his stuff and win the money. He has no real purpose other than this, actually. He's a--well, it's not proven, but most everyone believes that he is homosexual.