Act One: Castaway IslandEdit

The shores will wash away all of our sins


Episode One: Washed AshoreEdit

Part One (Episode One):Edit

On a small and yet remote island, a man with blonde hair and in a tuxedo stands in front of a camera. He smiles graciously and straightens his black tie on his chest. “Welcome,” he says, “to Castaway Island! I’m your gracious host: Zane Mcafee! We have twelve competitors being dropped off here onto this mysterious island for exactly twelve weeks to endure and explore this hazardous terrain to win the big cash prize of a million dollars! They will be competing for prizes, immunity, and even for special items in our special dungeon challenges! I’ll explain more in a bit once our players get here, but all-in-all, welcome to the big game!”

He makes his way over to a sand dune where a wooden dock sits, wading in the water. A large canoe floats in the stream and arrives at the dock of the island. “Our players will soon arrive, all on their own canoes. Grab your stuff and get situated, contestant number one!”

“My name is Harvey, jerk,” the boy says, stepping off of his canoe. He too is in a large tuxedo. He drops off a bag of clothes and a box with some sort of rock inside of it.

“Ah, yes, I forgot to mention: you are not allowed to bring anything but some clothes and one item from home for luck or something else, like Mr. Deuk here.”

“Harvey Deuk at your service,” Harvey says in an annoying voice. He positions both of his hands behind his back, locking them together.

“Our second contender is coming. I wonder who it is…?” Zane asks, squinting his eyes in the direction of the oncoming canoe.

It smashes into the floating dock, and reveals a very short girl with long brown hair and a pink shirt. She steps out and stretches for a moment.

“Natalie! Wonderful to meet you, Miss Scall,” Zane says, holding out his hand.

“Nice to meet you too!” she says, shaking his hand and taking a case of clothing to the drop off point with Harvey.

“I believe we spoke on the boarding dock, yes?” Harvey asks her.

“I think so!” She says, friendly.

 Another canoe washes up onto the shore. Off steps another girl of long brown hair and a purple dress. She steps onto the sand and grabs her things.

“Hailey, I presume,” Zane says, holding out his hands.

“No thanks—germaphobic,” she says, stepping off from the host and walking over to the others.

“You signed up to be on a show on an island, even though you are germaphobic?” Harvey asks.

“I would stick my hands in a pile of worms and maggots for a million dollars…eh, what’s your name again? Harvey?” Hailey asks.

“Harvey Deuk,” he nods.

A fourth canoe arrives on the dock, bearing a tall man with blonde hair and a purple shirt. He has on several bands and bracelets. “Heeeeeey!” he exclaims, stepping off.

“Tony,” Zane holds out his hands.

“You’re the host? Wow—you aren’t half bad,” Tony shakes his hand, and then lets go to walk off to the others.

“…Half bad? I’m like, gorgeous!” Zane exclaims to himself.

“Please don’t tell me you’re a narcissist, Zane?” Hailey asks.

“Aren’t all hosts a little bit narcissistic?” Tony asks with a bit of confidence that his crew members are nice.

“You make a good point, Tony,” Natalie says.

“Agreed,” Hailey mutters.

“Hush! We have another canoe coming up!” Zane exclaims. The next canoe arrives and docks next to the others. Off comes a skinny and tan boy with, as most would describe it, luscious locks. He smiles at Hailey and Natalie as he gets off.

“This is gonna be so much fun,” Tony smiles deviously at the boy.

“Brady! How’s it going?” Zane asks.

In a somewhat thick Brazilian accent, he smiles at Zane and says, “It was fine until I realized you cut my contract for the modeling committee.”

“This isn’t a summer camp with committees, it’s a competition,” Zane says.

“Whatever,” Brady carries his things over to the others.

“A model, huh?” Harvey asks.

“Sexy,” Natalie whispers to herself.

“Thanks,” Brady winks and whispers back. Natalie blushes.

“Someone else is coming,” Zane says to the others.

Another canoe arrives just to the left of the dock where no canoes lie. She steps off in red boots and a red maid’s outfit. She plays with one strand of her purple hair and lets go to smile and be greeted.

“Daniella, I see you get into character very well,” Zane says.

“I do! I like this costume for my cosplay’ because she’s awesome and she makes me look hot!” Daniella dances around in a circle.

“She looks unusually trustworthy,” Harvey says.

“You have to tell me how you got your hair to look like that—oh, and your eyes!” Natalie exclaims.

“Well, shortie—“ Daniella stops for a moment as Natalie begins to look offended.

“Excuse me?”

“You’re just…really short?” Daniella blushes from embarrassment.

Another canoe arrives to the left, and off steps a red haired (not orange like a ginger; red) woman. She steps off with the help of Zane. “Scarlet, the color of hearts,” Zane flirts.

“Stop it, Zane. I’m not gonna flirt with you,” she steps away from him.

“…should have shoved her into the water,” Zane smirks away from her and says.

“How’s it going?” she asks the others, dropping a bag of clothing onto the sand.

“Good. Watch out for crabs,” Brady smirks.

“That’s not funny,” she says.

“It’s only funny when you get hurt by one,” he giggles.

“LAND HO’!” Marmalade, a woman with a fruit helmet and loincloth colored dress exclaims from her canoe as it arrives close to the others. She dives onto the floating dock and marches over to Zane.

“I can already tell you’re my favorite contestant, Marmalade,” Zane shakes her hand.

“And adieu to you!” she exclaims, smiling, walking over to the others with nothing in her arms.

“You brought nothing from home? No clothes?” Scarlet asks.

“Nope! Just the skin on my back and a bathing suit I’m wearing underneath this!” she exclaims.

“Interesting,” Scarlet says, turning back to let Marmalade by to the back.

“So we have our first loon,” Harvey says to the others.

“Second if you count Daniella as a loon. She seems friendly enough, though,” Hailey whispers to Harvey.

“Row. Row. Row,” a woman in a purple shirt and of brown hair orders to a male in a red letterman’s jacket.

“What’s that? Oh wow, she actually got someone to row her over here,” Zane laughs. The canoe arrives and the boy helps the girl off.

“Olivia, you must be very persuasive,” Zane says, shaking her hand.

“Ugh, the water is all gross and stuff. I got the hunk back behind me to carry me over here. What’s his name again? Travis? Derik?” Olivia asks.


“Ah, James,” Olivia laughs, walking off.

“And you, James, are the next contestant as well,” Zane shakes his hand.

“This will be a regular thing, I’m sure. She’ll make me row her somewhere else if the challenge calls for it,” James sighs, walking off to the others.

“---So as you can tell, I am the Queen Bee. Don’t make me angry and we’ll be just fine!” Olivia exclaims.

“The fattest of the bees,” James says, pushing Olivia to the side.

“Someone’s abrasive today, aren’t they?”

“Another canoe! This is getting crowded!” Zane exclaims.

The canoe smashes into the dock, and off steps a boy with maroon colored hair in a black jacket. He smiles but looks oddly confused.

“This is Michael. He has a case in his brain that sometimes causes temporary amnesia,” Zane introduces Michael. “Tell me, son, do you know where we are?”

“Uh…If I’m not mistaken, I’m on the beach,” Michael mutters.

“No, you’re joining us all on Castaway Island!”

“…Oh! Oh! Right—you know I forget things; it isn’t funny,” Michael says, walking off without even shaking his hand.

“Yes, yes. Only one more person to go, however!” Zane exclaims.

Michael greets everyone and joins up with Scarlet. “I like your hair,” he says.

“Thanks. I like yours,” Scarlet says, nicely and almost flirtatiously.

And finally, the last canoe arrives to the dock. A black woman with long and somewhat curly hair steps off.

“…Where all the black girls at?” she asks.

“And alas, there is Tiffany. I guess…wow, she is the only black girl here unless you count Brady as mixed or something,” Zane says.

“Shut up before people accuse you of racism,” Brady warns. Zane shrugs and sends Tiffany on her way.

“And so it begins,” she says, stepping off to the side.

“Welcome, contestants, to Castaway Island!” Zane exclaims.

“Won’t this be fun,” Harvey sighs, looking at his future enemies. Only one can win, and he knows this. He accepts the fact that he can’t just rely on immunities. The game will take skill and practice to master. This game is mine.

Part Two (Episode One):Edit

“As you all know, I am your host for the next twelve weeks. I’m sure this will be an enjoyable experience for us all. Well, except for some,” Zane smiles.

“I’m sure this won’t be fun for me. There’s a huge spider over there,” Scarlet points over to a tree with an eight foot spider crawling around. It has twelve legs and three eyes on every side of its body.

“…I’ve never heard of anything like that,” Harvey exclaims, looking over.

“Yeah—this island was previously uninhabited, so we don’t know a lot of what’s here. SO, this will definitely be fun for the medical evacuation team. Anyway, I just need to say welcome!” Zane exclaims.

“Yeah, so warm of a welcome,” Hailey says broadly.

“—anyway, I need to split you all into tribes for the island and go over some special rules for you all. So, without further ado, I’ll split you up. I have a random list here, so when I call your name, go stand over to the left by the deadly spider. ‘K?” Zane says.

“Yes sir,” Natalie says.

“On the Karbo tribe: Harvey, Daniella, Brady, Olivia, James, and Marmalade!”

“Really?” Brady asks, looking around at his team mates.

“Wonderful,” Harvey says, turning to Daniella and Marmalade. “I think someone could be of use for me.”

The Karbo tribe walks off to the side with their luggage, while the others remain in put. “The rest of you: Tiffany, Natalie, Michael, Scarlet Hailey, and Tony will be the Chur tribe,” Zane says, motioning to the others.

“Karbo vs Chur. Who will win?” Daniella questions, looking at the others with a squint.

The trees blow in the wind as silence fills the island. The Karbo tribe narrows their eyes at the Chur tribe, declaring war on the competition. Zane breaks the silence by waving his arms in the center of the groups’ staring contest.

“You each will have a specified camp to stay at, which I will show you in a little bit. However, I do need to go over some rules with you before we can start.”

“There are hidden survival idols in play. These idols look like Tiki heads attached to a necklace string. You’ll know you have it when..well, you have it. You are not allowed to steal these from any players; however, the player in possession is allowed to give the idol to someone else.”

“Sweet?” Harvey says inquisitively.

“So, we can find these idols…where?” Tiffany asks.

“The idol can be located by following a treasure map to its location. You can receive a piece of the map as a reward or by finding it throughout the game,” Zane nods his head at Tiffany.

“Next: This is special about the game. There are three hidden entrances to what I like to call ‘Island Dungeons’. These Island Dungeons are found underneath the island in caverns. If one should locate it, they can go through the challenges inside to locate a treasure chest with a prize which is most likely to be a hidden idol.”

“Oh, that’s actually interesting,” Hailey says.

“I’d bet none of us will ever find them,” James folds his arms together in front of his chest.

“Oh, trust me, you will,” Zane winks. “Anyway, the next thing: The two tribes are not to have any interaction with each other. Both camps will be far away from each other to prevent this from occurring. Only interactions in challenges can be made. Understand?”

Everyone nods, and Zane nods back in agreement. “Very well. It’s time to take you to your tribes. Well, I’m not taking you—you have to find your way! I will hand out maps to both tribes that you will have to follow to get there. And I would hurry, too. Sunlight is dropping fast on the island. And, we wouldn’t want the steaks to get cold, would we?”

Part Three (Episode One):Edit

As the maps are handed out to each tribe, they can’t help wonder if they really do get steaks at their campsites, or if it’s all just a lie to get them encouraged. Either way, Zane sends both tribes off onto different paths.

The Karbo tribe sends off onto the leftward side of the island. Through patches of dirt and fallen trees, they hike through the area to find their campsite.

“Would have been so much easier to show us to our tribes, now wouldn’t it have?” James asks, lifting up a vine above his head.

“I feel like it’s about to start raining,” Olivia sighs, ducking underneath the vine with her arms crossed.

“You’ll need to get dirty if you want to win,” James says back to them.

“Eww, dirty?” Olivia stops and gawks.

“Dirty as in: getting in the mud. Or dancing in it, which is what I like to do!” Daniella exclaims cheerfully, and then prances around in the mud.

“Ugh…does this place have some sort of confessional?” Harvey asks.

“I wish it did,” James says, walking up next to Harvey.

“I would love to let a lot out of my head. Especially about how my tux is getting ruined,” Harvey says angrily.

“Like I said, get down and dirty. You’re a sporty kind of guy, right?” James asks.

“Not at all. I spend a lot of time counting cash and reading books,” Harvey says.

“No video games? No sports?” James asks.


“Wow. You should get out more, bro.,” James says. He begins to jog off down the path.

Marmalade flips the map from side to side trying to make sense of it. There’s a large X in a field of trees, but she has no idea how to get there. “I think we’re in this cloud of bushes right here. But if that’s true we’ll have to climb nearly over a mountain to get to where our campsite is. That’s a really far away spot from the challenge site,” Marmalade says, studying her map.

“Let’s see,” Harvey snatches the map from her hands.


“Whatever. Let’s see—the map says the camp is in a cluster of trees. So, we just need to work our way around to it. We’ve got about a mile’s worth of walking to do,” Harvey says, handing the map back.

“A MILE? I can’t walk a mile in these boots!” Olivia protests.

“Why would you wear boots to a deserted island?” James asks.

“The same reason I wore a tuxedo. I have no idea,” Harvey says, turning to James to answer his question.

“Keep walking. Chances are we have fresh steaks at our campsite and we do not want them to get cold,” Marmalade encourages her tribe mates.

“I would imagine the steaks aren’t cooked. We might need to start a fire or something to cook them,” James says.

“He’s probably right! We might have flint and then we’ll get to burn things. Oh yes, burning is so much fun!” Daniella exclaims.

“I’m worried that she’s gonna burn my clothes in my sleep,” Olivia says, worried.

“No worries! I only burn things we don’t need. I brought my fire poker from home for just such an occasion!” Daniella exclaims, reaching into her back side to pull out a fire poker.

“…You hid that in your pants!?” Harvey exclaims with fright.

“Don’t worry—it’s in the rules. It’s my item from home!” Daniella exclaims.

“So you’re insane, we can see. We should exchange her with the boy who forgets things.”


In a shade of trees, Marmalade points to a large tent in the distance behind a set of thorn bushes. They deduce it must be their campsite. They travel through the bush, ripping into their clothes and dresses and simply upsetting Olivia.

“And what do you know! It is our campsite!” Marmalade exclaims.

“Fantastic. I need a rest,” Harvey says, darting up through the clearing with his bag of clothes. He approaches the tent, and then realizes it’s made of cardboard.

“That’s insulting,” he says.

“What’s insulting?” Marmalade asks.

“This…this tent is made of cardboard.”

“Hey! There’s a note in a bottle over here! I wonder what it says?” James ponders as he prepares the smash the bottle onto the ground.

“Don’t smash that bottle! If he isn’t feeding us or letting us drink unless we hunt and find springs, we can use it to store water,” Daniella mentions. James nods in agreements and simply pulls out the cork from the top and slides the note out.

Hello, castaways! This is your first piece of mail from your gracious host! I’m happy to inform you that you will need to provide yourselves a shelter, food, and water. You will only gain something like this from me during reward challenges or as prizes for winning immunity. Good luck!

“Son of a gun,” Harvey sighs.


On the right pathway, the Chur tribe marches around to find their tribal grounds. “So like, it says the tribal area is near this spring of water. But like, where?” Tony asks.

“Well, I can assume we’ll be lead to it, right?” Scarlet asks.

“There’s no indication of where to go; just a big red x,” Tony says.

“Well, let’s see the map,” Tiffany says, grabbing it and scanning the images. “I think we’re right here—I can tell because the dock and stuff is behind us. So I would say we should continue along the path until we come across this separation in the pathway.”

“Seems smart enough,” Hailey says, bracing herself and her luggage.

“Where are we going again?” Michael asks.

“We’re going to our tribe, Michael,” Scarlet informs him.

“Oh, right…”

“You guys are too tall,” Natalie says, comparing her height to the others. She’s the shortest of everyone, it seems.

“Yeah, right,” Tony turns back to look at her. “—holy crap, you are kind of short.”

“No derp,” Natalie says, angrily.

“We should keep a lookout for any of those huge spiders,” Tony says.

“If I see another one of those I think I might scream. I hate spiders!” Hailey exclaims.

“The same way you’re apparently a germaphobe?” Natalie asks.

“Shut up, Natalie,” Hailey says sternly.

The group continues walking onward until coming across an intersection to a spring of filthy fish water and a fake cardboard tent. They arrive to the site to find the message in a bottle.

“What does it say?” Michael asks.

“I don’t know, I can’t get it open,” Natalie says, struggling to open up the bottle’s cork.

“Smash it,” Michael recommends.

“Okay, that works too,” Natalie says, lifting the bottle up and tossing it down onto a large stone on the ground. It smashes open and reveals the letter.

Hello, castaways! This is your first piece of mail from your gracious host! I’m happy to inform you that you will need to provide yourselves a shelter, food, and water. You will only gain something like this from me during reward challenges or as prizes for winning immunity. Good luck!

“That’s it? Really?” Michael asks, as he finishes reading the letter.

“What does it say?” Scarlet asks.

“Read it for yourself,” he says handing the note off to her.

“Wow. No challenge or anything for the first day?” Scarlet slightly giggles.

“Attention campers---is this thing even on?” Zane’s voice calls from the skies. “Ah, yes, I hear myself. Anyway castaways---this is the Island-Wide megaphone system! It’s being transmitted by some speakers in the middle of the island and—yeah, you don’t care. This is a notification that the first challenge will begin tomorrow at noon. Be prepared. Oh, also, the confession booth is now open. You may release all thoughts at the west beach booth. There’s a spare camera and a seat under a nice awning for you to sit in. Please be considerate of any and all confessionals at this time!”

“Yes sir Mr. host sir,” Michael teases.


Confessional Camera: Harvey

“So, I’m excited for the game, but I still really cannot wait for the first elimination. This Daniella chick is really getting on my nerves with being crazy and all, but she could be good for an alliance. And we all know those are key to winning games like this.”

Confessional Camera: Scarlet

“This Michael kid is kind of cute, really. He’s intriguing. His mindset is a little off but I think this could work out.”

Confessional Camera: Hailey

“I would bet I could trick Michael into giving up his immunity idol if he ever found one hidden in the campsite. He has temporary amnesia, right? Yeah. Right.”

Confessional Camera: Tony

“A lot of things are gonna start happening soon. I’d best find someone who can tolerate me and form an alliance or at least a friendship between us.”

Confessional Camera: Olivia

“This place sucks! I hate the island, I hate the grass, I hate—ugh, why did I ever even sign up—“ the camera tips over and lands on the ground, shutting her footage off.


“Looks like a nice night for the tribes. Will they be able to built sustainable shelters, and keep a nice and steady food supply? I sure hope so, since the steaks will be all they get to enjoy from home for the next few weeks. Heh heh. See you next time on Castaway Island, when we have our first elimination and immunity challenge!” Zane exclaims into the camera, smiling as the darkness rises behind him from the back of the island.

Hopefully, Harvey thinks to himself as he gazes up to the stars, Hopefully, this game can be mine. I want this…I…I need this.

Episode Two: A Tale of Two Tribes

Part One (Episode Two):Edit

Looking up into the sky, Daniella notices the stars dancing around and tumbling through space, crashing to the ground somewhere among the galaxy.

I wish I had a pony that was made of fire!


“Welcome back to Castaway Island!” Zane exclaims to the camera on the floating dock. It pans over to the canoes from the previous episode, and shows them sinking to the bottom of the lake. “As you can see, all canoes are to be sunk at this moment in time to prevent any castaways from leaving! Fun, eh?”

The canoes begin to sink to the bottom, as Zane opens up the game with an introductory speech. “It’s already been one day and we’re all preparing our campsites for the days ahead. Soon enough, all tribes will be going to the very first ever immunity challenge. After which the players will be eliminating someone from the island. Let’s go to our tribal grounds now to see how they’re doing!”


Over in the Karbo tribe, Brady tans himself on a giant rock slab while James and Olivia forge a fire. “This sucks so much!” Olivia complains.

“You complain a lot, Olivia,” James says, rubbing sticks together to create a spark.

“You don’t complain a lot. It’s a step up, I guess, I mean, I could like, like, like, be on a stupid show with twenty two players instead of this show of twelve. Right?”

“And I could be dancing the mambo in a cantina. But I’m not,” Marmalade scorns.

“Is that real fruit on your head?” Olivia asks.

“…Yes, why?”

“I’m eating it tonight for dinner.”

Confessional Camera: Marmalade

“She’d better not think about touching my hat! This thing cost hundreds of dollars, and costs hundreds more to maintain for my public appearances!”


“Lady, I’ll have you know I’m a celebrity where I come from!” Marmalade shouts.

“No need to raise your voice.”

“This hat is what resembles my occupation! You touch this hat and I will kill you,” she warns Olivia. She turns and marches over to a small patch of rocks.

“Help us build this hut, Marmalade,” Harvey asks commandingly.

“Anything to get that bratty girl off of my back!”

“Do you mind holding this piece of driftwood up for me?” Harvey asks.

“Where did you get this?”

“There’s a small stream of lake water a few feet that way,” Harvey points to a small patch of woods with a stream poking out at the edge. Marmalade squints, and gawks.

“We’ve been next to a water source this whole time?”

“I have leaves! Yeah! Woo!” Daniella cheers, prancing over to the group with several vines and leaves.

“What’s all this for?” Marmalade asks.

“The vines are to support the wooden beams, and the leaves are…” Harvey stops, “not from banana trees. Did you not find any?” he looks over to Daniella.

“There weren’t any in sight Mr. Deuk!”

“Fine. These leaves will have to serve as a roof unless we want to sleep under that slab Brady’s tanning himself on,” Harvey sighs.

“That would need better supports, right?

Confessional Camera: Harvey

“My father was a carpenter. I learned a lot from him which is surprisingly useful after all. Being a millionaire, I never imagined I’d need the skills he taught me.”


A small bottle floats to the top of the stream. Daniella notices something bobbing in the miniature river, and wanders off to check it out. She comes back with the bottle, and cracks open the cork.

Welcome players, to the first annual immunity challenge! You all are to report to the main campgrounds in exactly one hour! Hopefully you can tell time correctly, because none of you have any sort of watches!

“He just sent this to us, I assume. So, we should go now to get a head start,” Harvey says.


In the Chur tribal grounds, Scarlet and Natalie search for some sort of shelter, while Michael and Tony converse near the spring, with their feet in the water. Tiffany and Hailey stand idly by.

“I wonder how the others are doing,” Scarlet questions while looking through the trees for something to use for a roof.

“Probably good. I have a feeling we aren’t the best off right now,” Natalie replies.

“What’s that over there?” Scarlet asks, pointing through the trees to a small cave entrance. She begins to step out into the brush when Natalie pulls her back.

“Remember that huge spider? ‘Could be anything in there,” Natalie warns her.

“Let her find out for herself,” Hailey says, walking over to them. Tiffany follows behind.

“What’s going on over here?”

“We’ve found a cave or something out there. Natalie’s afraid of a huge spider or something,” Scarlet teases.

“Don’t be a wimp.”

Don’t be a wimp. Don’t be a wimp…Don’t be a wimp? Tiffany thinks about the words said from Hailey’s mouth. She remembered her high school bully being mean like that. A cheer leader who always was on top. Don’t be a wimp, Tiffany, get your butt on top of the pyramid you wuss!

“Uh…yeah, go on in, Scarlet,” Tiffany says. Scarlet sighs and ventures into the woods and over to the cavern. She scoots several rocks aside and locates the entrance in its finest. The cavern is a little mucky but it fits a purpose of a home.

“It’s small but empty!” Scarlet exclaims to the others.

Over at the spring, Michael and Tony swim their feet around and converse. “So, Michael…” Tony says.



Confessional Camera: Tony

“It’s hard to be sociable when you’re gay like me. Boys often think I’m into them, when really, I’m not,” Tony says.


“What’s going on over there?” Michael asks turning around to look at the girls exploring the woods.

“They’re looking for a shelter or something.” But we’ll be fine if we stay together under some trees. I love your hair.

“This cave is…gross! No way am I sleeping in this!” Hailey exclaims angrily.

“Well, you won’t be sleeping at all then,” Scarlet says.

“Ugh! You’re useless!” Hailey storms out.

Tiffany looks back at Hailey as she storms off.  You’re useless, the cheerleader bully said to Tiffany. “I swear, Hailey, you remind me of someone I once knew.”

A small bottle floats up to Michael’s foot. He lifts it out of the water and pulls out the cork.

Welcome players, to the first annual immunity challenge! You all are to report to the main campgrounds in exactly one hour! Hopefully you can tell time correctly, because none of you have any sort of watches!

“Looks like we’re in for our first big challenge,” Michael says to Tony. He hands over to note, and Tony stands from the water and makes his way to the girls.


The Karbo tribe wanders along a dirt pathway they followed to their tribal grounds. James, again, holds up the leaves for Olivia.

Confessional Camera: James

“I think that if I can be nice enough to Olivia, she’ll want to align with me. And being against the other weirdos, I’d love an alliance.”


“Thanks, James,” Olivia thanks him for lifting up the vines and leaves.

“No problem—just being a gentleman.”

“A gentleman who tries a little too hard.”

“Someone’s harsh, are they not?” Harvey asks Daniella.

“I know, right? I wonder if she’s a born snake!?” Daniella exclaims questionably.

“Uh, yeah…probably,” Harvey responds while walking faster to avoid her.


The Chur tribe walks along their clearing pathway to the challenge campsite from the beginning. “I wonder if the Karbo freaks have made their way down there yet?” Scarlet asks.

“Probably not. I doubt that they’ve even gotten their message yet,” Tony says, getting close to her.

“Yeah, Scar’s right. We probably got ours first,” Michael says to the others.

“ ‘Scar’?” Scarlet asks.

“Uh…if the nickname’s alright with you,” Michael says, blushing.

“No, it’s fine. It’s what everyone called me back home. Scarlet honestly bugs me as a name,” she responds.

Michael’s blush vanishes.

Confessional Camera: Michael

“I think Scar’s kind of cute. I mean, if I can get her to like me, we could probably forge some sort of friendship and I’d have her vote for everything!”

Confessional Camera: Scarlet

“Michael’s just a little strange. I mean, I’m not saying I don’t like him; it’s just that he’s a little odd. I just hope his amnesiac brain doesn’t hurt our chances at winning challenges.”

Part Two (Episode Two):Edit

Zane stands in front of several logs, twelve to be exact, with a tiki torch in his left hand. The Karbo tribe emerges from the woods first with the Chur following close behind.

“We didn’t get here first after all,” Michael says.

“It matters not who gets here first. Take a seat with your tribe mates,” Zane orders. As the players sit down, he places the torch into a sort of holder inside of the mouth of a fake skeleton head.

“Today you will face your first immunity challenge. It is fairly simple, really. This will test your compatibility with other tribe members who oppose you. You will all be paired with one member of the opposing tribe, and will need to work together to overcome several small obstacles to gain a flag. These flags are scattered about the island and are for you to locate. These flags will have a note attached to them that you are forbidden to open or peek at. You will bring this flag back to me, and I will reveal the note. It will have either the Karbo or Chur tribe name written on it, and it will gain that corresponding tribe a point. You will not know who’s tribe you are gaining the point for; it’s a chance challenge. Your pairings are as follows:”

“Oh boy, teamwork,” Brady says, sarcastically.

“Brady vs. Scarlet.”

“Oh boy, teamwork,” Scarlet retaliates.

“Daniella vs. Michael.”

“Oh boy! Yeah!” Daniella exclaims.

“Harvey vs. Hailey.”

“Marmalade vs. Tony.”

“James vs. Tiffany.”

“Which leaves Natalie and Olivia,” Olivia says.

“Yes it does. I’m not going to force you to like each other, but you’ll need both of your talents to get through this. We’ll be going through tons of button pressing and lever pulling to get your flags. Get to it castaways: you have until midnight to complete this challenge!”


Brady and Scarlet dash off together into the forestry behind them, in search of some sort of flag, “Any idea what it could look like?” Scarlet asks.

“Do I look like I would know what this would look like?” Brady scorns.

“God, is this show full of mean jerks?”

“Oh boy, who’s mean to you?”

“Hailey and sometimes Natalie. I know how Olivia is and I’m sure she’s mean to you guys too, am I right?”

“…Well, yeah, actually, I can’t stand her. She’s always complaining.”

“I can’t stand Hailey’s negative attitude. She’s always complaining but yet contradicts herself half the time. She ‘has so many phobias’.”

“…You’re not that bad.”

“You’re not too bad either.”

The two stumble through rocks and vines until eventually coming across a sort of cage. Inside is a blue flag that has a note attached. The cage is strung up by a rope that seems to be connected to a mechanism up in the trees. “I wonder whose flag this goes for?” Scarlet asks.

“I’ll climb the tree if you grab it for us,” Brady says, willing and ready for his first task.

“Saves labor for me.”

Brady walks over to the tree and braces his arms around the trunk. He hoists himself up and climbs to the top through vines and twigs to support his weight. At the top, he finds an axle attached to a wheel. He begins to spin the axle in a circle with all of his might, and the rope twirls up at the top.

“Is it coming up?” he asks.

“It’s up a little. Keep doing whatever you’re doing!”

The cage rises up until Scarlet can sneak inside and grab the flag. She crawls out as Brady drops the cage and begins to climb out of the tree. As he approaches the bottom, he shakes his tank top out to rid himself of bugs and leaves. “Let’s get this back to Zane.”

As they escape the forest, Zane greets them by taking the flag off of their hands. “You have collected the first flag. At the end of today, your flag’s note will be revealed. Let’s hope you chose wisely.”


Daniella and Michael trudge through mud (as Daniella had lead them) to find a large green flag hoisted above a mud pit where several crocodiles lie in hunger. There is a large bridge amidst the trees that can be accessed through climbing and pulling a lever.

“Woo! This is fun!” Daniella exclaims, dancing around in the mud.

“Are you crazy?” Michael asks, trying to keep his hands above the ever sinking mudslide.

“Yeah, probably!”

Daniella approaches the pit of alligators and stares at Michael. “What should we do?” she asks.

“I think that bridge up there will lead us to the flag,” Michael says. “These crocodiles are blocking us from reaching over and getting it.

“No! Not at all! I’ll wrestle these guys and you can climb over to that huge rock and grab it!” Daniella exclaims.

“You are insane!”

“Nope! Haha!” Daniella exclaims and dives into the pit. She grabs one crocodile by the nose and flips it over and pounds its belly until it vomits up a rat. Michael nods his head and dives into the pit. He swims his way over to the rock and climbs up. He reaches out and actually grabs the flag. He yanks it down by the string and waves it to Daniella.

“Wow!” she exclaims as she bonks a crocodile on the nose. “Good job Michael!”

Within the few minutes after, Daniella and Michael return with caked-on mud to their outfits to Zane. They hand over the flag, and he gives them a nod. “Second place. Not too bad!”


James and Tiffany walk along the pathway to the Chur tribe. They scan the area for any sort of flags, and fail to find any. “Do you think we went a little too far?” Tiffany asks.

“No, surely not. This island isn’t that big,” James says.

“So, I guess while we’re walking we should get to know each other.”

“Sounds good to me. You look like the cheerleader type,” James looks at her, staring at her hips.

“Thanks, but no. I could never be a good cheerleader. I know in high school I kept being bullied by the head cheerleader. Her name slips me but Hailey reminds me a lot of her.”

“What high school did you go to?”

“Oh, uh, Saint Bernard.”

“…really? We were in high school together. I was one of the jocks on the football team.”

“Really? That’s neat. I don’t remember you, though.”

“I feel like I remember you.” James looks at her closely. Who is she again? Oh yeah,…Tiffany the nerdy cheerleader. She was never good on the pyramid.


“I think I remember you as the flag girl? You weren’t good at the pyramid and the head girl teased you ninety percent of the time.”

“Yeah, that was me.”

James steps onto a large wooden disk, and it lowers into the ground. A rope underneath him snaps, and a cage falls on top of him, trapping him inside with a flag. “Woah—what’s going on?”

“Looks like a trap. You have a flag though, so that’s neat. We just need to lift it up.”

“I’ll try and lift it myself.” James attempts to lift up the cage, but fails. “It’s like, made of pure iron. I can’t get it up!”

“It’s alright. I’ll look for something to help us out.”

“Look at the rope! If you can pull it hard enough it should lift the cage up. It’s a pulley!” James exclaims.

“Alright…I guess,” Tiffany walks over to the rope on the ground and lifts it to her arms. She dashes back; tugging it with all of her might and tuckers herself out within a minute. James is unable to escape.

“Hand me the rope,” he says, holding his hand outside of the cage. She puts the rope in his hand, and he begins yanking it back.



Olivia and Natalie walk through a small clearing of bushes and an oak tree. They see a distant lever machine with a red flag hidden inside of a cage hoisted into the air.

“You don’t talk to me and I won’t talk to you, ‘K?” Olivia says to her.

“Aren’t we supposed to be getting to know each other? I figure this is the point of the challenge,” Natalie says with a sigh at the end.


The girls walk over to the flag area. “I’ll twist the wheel and you grab the flag, alright?” Olivia says to her.


Olivia walks over to the lever machine, and Natalie stands underneath the drop zone. Olivia pulls the lever down, and the cage drops on top of Natalie. She pulls the flag down, and holds it out.

“Come get the flag and let me out!” Natalie exclaims. Olivia sinisterly walks over and takes the flag from her hands. She walks off and lets out a short laugh.

“Uh, don’t forget about me!”

“Yeah, don’t worry.”

“You’re going the wrong way!”

“Yeah, don’t worry.”


“Yeah, don’t worry.” You stupid little bratty girl. This challenge is about who gets it there first, not how well the two work together. Shove the flag up your—



Harvey and Hailey walk through the woods to look for a flag. “So, miss…Hailey?” Harvey asks.

“Yeah? What?” she responds.

“Uh…that’s a nice name.”

“Yeah—thanks. –Eww it’s a rat!” she screams out.

“It’s just a rat; so what?” Harvey asks.

“They’re all so…icky! Ugh! Why did I join this!?”

“Get your head out of your hands and let’s get on with this. I’m sure you don’t want to be here either, do you Miss Hailey?”

“Stop calling me ‘Miss Hailey’!”

“Yes Sir Miss Hailey.”

They trample through leaves and broken nests until coming across an orange flag hanging from the tree top. A large spider of twelve legs hisses and grabs the flag. It waddles off, and the two begin to chase after it.

“I don’t like bugs! They’re so icky!”

“Shut your trap Miss Hailey!” Goodness, do all you do is complain?

They come across a clearing, where the spider stops and begins spinning a web to the other side. Harvey grabs a stone from the ground and hurls it at the spider. It smashes the abdomen and causes it to drop to the ground.

“It could still be alive! Ewe ew ew ew ew!”

Harvey reaches into its mouth and pulls out a slimy flag. He holds it up and grabs Hailey’s hand. “It’s only dead spider slime, Miss Hailey.”

And she screams. They return the flag to gain third place of the others.


“So like, you’re a dancer or something?” Tony asks Marmalade as they trudge through mud.

“A dancer, yes. I’m famous for my hat of pure fruit.”

“That’s kinda neat.”

They come across the pile of unconscious crocodiles and cringe at the thought of them springing to life and attempting to attack them. Marmalade looks up to find the flag from Daniella and Michael’s mission was gone.

“We must be losing time. This flag’s been taken, so we’re not in first place,” Marmalade says with a sigh.

“PULL, JAMES, PULL!” Tiffany’s voice is heard from afar.

“I wonder what this is about?” Tony asks.

“’Could lead us to a flag. Let’s go check it out,” Marmalade grabs Tony’s arm and pulls him ahead.

They find James and Tiffany still struggling in the cage. James seems to have lost hope while Tiffany is still attempting to pull the rope, but only managing to give herself rope burn.

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do,” Tiffany says, struggling.

“…Mayhap we could help you?” Marmalade arises from the trees with Tony.

“Could you really?” James asks.

“Mhm. Let’s see…James, bend down and begin lifting the cage with all of your might. And Tiffany…you can just pull the rope!” Marmalade says, approaching the cage.

“One. Two. Three. Pull!” she commands. She sticks her hand inside of the cage and yanks a hold on the flag, pulling it through the cage.

“We’re trying and it isn’t working!”

“Well you can keep trying because we’ve got your flag! Ha!” Marmalade dashes off with Tony, claiming their flag.

“Hey! Bring that back to us!” Tiffany shouts.

“Just—leave it be, they’ve won and we’re still trapped in here.

Marmalade and Tony gain fourth place.


Olivia and Natalie vs. James and Tiffany. Who will win and who will lose? The night begins to fall on the island as Olivia approaches Zane with the flag in hand.

“I would normally graciously accept this flag, however, you need Natalie with you to complete the tradeoff,” Zane says.

“…She was telling the truth?”

“I believe I said it in the challenge description. I’m afraid you will lose if you cannot find Natalie in time.”

Olivia lets out a groan and then dives back into the forest in search of her un-beloved partner. She passes Tiffany and James inside of his containment. Tiffany continues struggling to lift the cage up. “Need some help?” Olivia asks.

“YES.” Tiffany says as she lets the rope out of her hands.

“Too bad.” Olivia tramples off into the forest yet again.


She slides across a mud track to eventually find Natalie trying to pry the cage open. “You stupid bore-“ and Olivia stops her before she could finish her sentence. She walks over to her lever and pulls it up, releasing a cage door and letting Natalie out.

Now let’s go get that flag handed in!” Olivia exclaims. Natalie kicks her in her shin and begins to walk off.

Confessional Camera: Tiffany

“Why would nobody help us? You’d think this competition would have some fair players, right?”

Confessional Camera: Olivia

“She kicked me in my shin! This is…ooooh, she’s so going out when we merge this stupid game!”


Olivia and Natalie return to gain fifth place. And, as midnight falls, Tiffany and James are still trapped in the one position. They are disqualified at the sound of Zane’s voice, “Tiffany and James have yet to turn in a flag! They are hereby disqualified from the competition! And I believe someone said James is trapped in a cage. We’ll have a search party come and get you in a few! Ta ta!”

Within a span of twelve minutes, Tiffany and James are let free by a set of interns. They come back with fury in their eyes aiming at Marmalade, Tony, and Olivia.

“I shall now reveal the flags. Scarlet and Brady; you had the first flag. The tribe you won a point for…”


“Ugh!” Scarlet shouts.

“Daniella and Michael, I believe you had the second flag. The tribe you won for was…”


“Yay!” Michael exclaims.

“Harvey and Hailey came in third place. They won for…”

“Chur! We’re at a 1-2 streak right now. Can Chur win this? Marmalade and Tony came in fourth. They won for…”

“Karbo! It looks like, since Tiffany and James were disqualified, Olivia and Natalie’s flag is the swing vote! The winner of the very first immunity challenge is…”



“Karbo! Congratulations!” Zane exclaims. The Karbo tribe all exchange hugs and high fives, while the Chur tribe begins to look slightly upset and unnerved.

Confessional Camera: Scarlet

“I know Tiffany couldn’t help that she failed the challenge. The real bugger is that Tony would betray his own teammate like that!”

Confessional Camera: Natalie

“If Olivia were on this team, I think I would vote her off. But since I can’t, I’ll take my anger out on Tiffany for failing our first challenge!”


“Now then. I will send you back to your tribes for an hour before we begin with the first ever elimination. However, you must allow me to explain how elimination works first. The winning tribe will select one member of their own to go to the opposing side to vote someone off. This person will be deemed the Chief. The Chief will be immune to all votes, unless of course he or she wants to give away his or her immunity to someone else. Understand? The Chief will be sent to your tribe within the hour of thinking. You’ll have a chance to make whatever bribes you want.”

“As for Karbo, the winners. You will receive a message in a bottle tonight with a clue to a hidden immunity idol. Best of luck to you on that. Head back to your tribes; and I bid you adieu!”

Part Three (Episode Two):Edit

“Who should we vote off?” Hailey asks.

“I’m sure all of us know who we’re kicking out,” Natalie squints her eyes angrily at Tiffany.

“What? It isn’t my fault we lost! Plus, someone could have helped his teammate but didn’t!” Tiffany squints her eyes angrily at Tony.

“Look, I can’t help that I tried to actually win the challenge!” Tony exclaims to the others in a sort of plea.

“We know who these votes are going for tonight. The better question is; who will have the most?” Scarlet asks, looking around.

“Scar’s right. Whoever gets sent over to vote with us is probably our swing vote,” Michael says.

“There is a possibility that we could tie votes without a swing vote. I say we take time to think for ourselves,” Scarlet recommends. The group disperses, and Scarlet walks off to the cavern with Tiffany and Michael following behind.

“—Why are you following me?”

“This cave is our shelter, right?”

“Well, yeah, I guess,” Scarlet says, ducking down to enter the stone cavern. Inside, she moves a flat rock to the side and sits down.

“So, who are you voting for, Scar?” Michael asks.

“Depends. Who are you voting for?”

“Tony. There’s no way we should keep a traitor on the team. I know you lost, Tiff’, but I still think you tried. I mean, you tried to get your buddy out, right?” Michael says to Scarlet, and turns to Tiffany.

“Of course! I want to win just as bad as you guys do, and I wouldn’t throw it away over some dumb flag.”

“Tony has my vote too,” Scarlet says.

“Good. We have an understanding, at least,” Tiffany remarks.


“Tiffany. Definitely,” Natalie says.

“Yeah! At least I tried to win when she didn’t!” Tony exclaims.

“Yeah. She sucked today and we can’t have a sucker!” Hailey exclaims angrily.

“If it’s just us three vs. those three, then we definitely have an issue with the swing vote. Let’s hope it’s in our favor,” Tony says, looking out and staring at Michael’s back through the trees.


In the Karbo tribe, the players gather together around a campfire. The shelter is finished and composed of driftwood supports and leaves for the roof.

“You know what would make this better on us?” Olivia asks.

“What?” Harvey asks.


“yeah—hey, Daniella, what’s over there in the stream?” Harvey asks, pointing right at the empty stream of water.

“I don’t see anything,” Daniella says, squinting to look.

“Come with me, I’ll show you.”

Harvey and Daniella stand from the fire and walk off to the stream. “I still don’t see anything-“

“Look, the real reason I brought you out here was to talk to you. I want a proposal,” Harvey says, and is interrupted by:

“You want to marry me?”

“No! I want you to be in an alliance with me. Together, we will rock this tribe and go to the finals together.”

“But what about the others? They probably want an alliance too!”

“Stop being insane for a second, ‘K Miss Daniella? I want to win as badly as you do, and if we keep this alliance a secret we can own everyone at their own games. We’ll just need to get people to vote with us in some instances of failure, but other than that, we have each other’s backs. I scratch your back and you scratch mine; deal?”

“I would love a back scratching!”


“Deal—fine! It sounds like fun anyway!” Daniella scampers back to the campsite.

“One last thing, Miss Daniella. You cannot tell a soul.”

“Yes sir Harvey!”

Back at the campfire, Harvey and Daniella sit down in the original circle. Marmalade is roasting apples from her hat on a large stick.

“I thought you didn’t want your hat bothered?” Harvey asks.

“Hunger overcame me. I’ll buy a new one—what did you find over there?” Marmalade asks.

“Oh, I thought I saw a bottle. It wasn’t anything but a stick.”

“So, we need to decide who’s going over to the other tribe. I nominate myself,” James says proudly.

“I disagree, I think Harvey should go!” Daniella cheers.

“I wouldn’t mind, actually,” Harvey says with a smile.

“I disagree. James should go. He has no bias!” exclaims Olivia.

“A broad claim. I don’t see how I’d be a biased vote when James obviously prefers what Tiffany would vote for,” Harvey says and winks.

“Ugh, whatever.”

Zane emerges from the woods. “So, gentlemen and ladies, who are we deeming tonight’s chief of voting?”

“Harvey!” Daniella exclaims.

“Ugh, yeah, Harvey,” Olivia sighs.

“Very well. Harvey, on your feet. We’re off to the main campsite for the first elimination of the season as soon as you meet up with the Chur tribe.”

In the Chur tribal grounds, Harvey enters the scene with Zane. He walks up to the entire tribe and smiles.

“Who are we voting, ladies and gentlemen?” Harvey asks.

“Tony!” screams three.

“Tiffany!” screams the other three.

“Looks like I’m a swing vote for you guys tonight, aren’t I?” Harvey laughs.

“Tiffany failed the challenge because she sucks!” Natalie exclaims.

“At least I tried. Tony betrayed me by not helping me out!” Tiffany shouts.

“Looks like I’ve a good decision to make,” Harvey laughs. He begins to converse with the others, when the camera fades to black.


In the main campgrounds, a tent has been set up to cover a set of wooden bleachers. Zane stands next to a large bonfire pit with a torch in his left hand and a tray in his right. The tray contains one necklace with a bold letter ‘L’ engraved in stone hanging down. The Chur tribe and Harvey take a seat. Harvey crosses his legs and holds his hands out to his lap, and smiles; amused.

“Chur tribe. You are here at elimination for the first time. In a moment we will cast our votes in the ballot box in the corner behind the bleachers. I do wish you luck, players. Once you are eliminated, or should I say, ‘if’ you are eliminated, you will be taken to the dock and sent off to Exile Island, where you still stay for the remainder of the game. A canoe awaits you with a personal intern rower. I like to call this process, ‘Walking the Plank’.”

“This sucks,” Scarlet says, looking at Tiffany worriedly.

“Tiffany, how does it feel to be in such a position right now?” Zane asks.

“It sucks like crap! I shouldn’t have to be in this position!”

“Ah, yes. Michael, do you know what we’re doing right now?”

“We’re at elimination…?”

“Good job, your brain is still in functioning right. Tony, how does it feel to be in the same position as Tiffany? Do you feel worried?”

“I’m not all that worried. I’ve got people to work with me and I can easily say Tiffany is going home,” Tony smiles.

“Very good. I bid you all good luck. We’ll start the voting with Scarlet. You’ll write your vote down on a scrawled up paper and shove it into the ballot box. Good luck, again.”

Voting Camera: Scarlet

“I’m sorry, Tony, but this is what you deserve.”

Voting Camera: Natalie

“Tiffany, you screwed up.”

Voting Camera: Harvey

“Who ever will my vote go for?” Harvey laughs almost silently.


“In this game, this necklace represents your failure. You are to wear it on the boat ride all the way to Exile Island. Good luck, Castaways. I will go and tally the votes.”

Moments later, he returns from the ballot box.

“One vote for Tiffany.”

Tiffany begins to look nervous.

“One vote for Tony.”

Tony looks the same way. They exchange glances.

“Another vote Tony. 1-2.”

“Another vote Tiffany. 2-2.”

Tiffany and Tony look at each other, worried for their safety.

“A third vote Tony. A third vote Tiffany.”

It all comes down to Harvey’s swing vote. Harvey smiles at Zane, as he prepares for the final vote to be revealed.

“The final vote, and the person first exiled from Castaway Island is…”

Tony and Tiffany gasp for breath and hold it in tightly.


Dear God please don’t let it be me! Tiffany pleas.

“Tony, I’m afraid you have been eliminated. Come claim your necklace and prepare for takeoff.”

“So…Harvey actually voted in Tiffany’s favor?” Tony asks, shocked.

“Betrayal versus not winning. Guess which one won?” Harvey smiles. He stands up.

“I figured you’d have an understanding.”

“It’s called ‘Playing the Game’. Goodbye!” Harvey stands back.

“I’ll make you regret this choice, Harvey.” Tony walks over and places the loser necklace around his neck. He is carted out to the dock, where an intern in a black coat awaits him. He takes a seat, and the canoe takes off.

“Goodbye, Tony,” Tiffany waves him goodbye.

Tony can’t help but let out a tear as the canoe leaves the island.

“Go back to your respective tribes. And Harvey, take this back with you. It’s the idol clue.”

“Yes sir, Zane.”

And as Harvey approaches the woods, he pops the cork out of socket. He reads the note before going close to his campsite.

Beneath the pools of fire and hatred, you will find the prize, He reads aloud.

“Yes, Mister Zane. I will find the idol.” Harvey says.


And Tiffany hears the whole thing.

Episode Three: Hiding Secrets

Part One (Episode Three):Edit

“What fun lies ahead for us today?” Harvey approaches his campsite. He sits down around a fire to see that some fish has been boiling over the pit in a pot.

“We got a pot in a basket that floated down the lake. Oh, and a message in a bottle,” James hands over the bottle.

Today the battle begins. One is down, and the rest are in. Meet me now at sunrise for a big prize.

“It’s sunrise now. We should go ahead down there,” Harvey says.

“Wait for the fish to finish cooking,” Marmalade says, looking slightly upset as she stares into the fire.

Confessional Camera: Marmalade

“I thought this would be fun and easy. But…I’m starting to miss home…”


In the Chur tribe, a stir of trouble is mixed with Tony off of the island. “Thanks for saving me and all, but is this trouble really worth it?” Tiffany asks.

“They voted against us. Our votes should be unanimous and not scattered!” Natalie shouts while looking at Hailey.

“Tony is gone. Okay? Live and let die!”

“Gosh, stop fighting!” Scarlet shouts to break the group apart.

“This is your fault, Scarlet. Now we have ourselves a slacker on the tribe!” Natalie exclaims.

“God; you’re all a bunch of jerks!” Scarlet stomps off to the cave. Michael follows her.

“…I’m not a jerk, right?”

“Michael, I wasn’t talking to you. This is what happens when you’re stuck on a tribe with a bunch of girls. They bicker. They fight.”

“Maybe we should like, lose again and vote one of them off?”

“Tiffany’s an alright person. It’s Natalie and Hailey I can’t stand. Tiffany will work with us; I know. My issue is that those two won’t stop until one of us drops dead.”

“I say we lose and vote off Hailey, then. It’ll shut Natalie up real quick,” Michael recommends.

“It’s not too bad of a though, Michael.”

“What isn’t too bad of a thought?”


The two tribes gather around Zane on the front beach. He smiles and nods at both of the tribes.

“Today I introduce to you your very first reward challenge. You will be swimming in the ocean today in an attempt to recover six pieces of a metal disc. You are to bring the pieces in one at a time with different players and form the disk as a whole. You must finish first to gain the reward. Here’s what we’re playing for:”

Zane pulls up a sheet from a log nearby to reveal several pots and pans and cooking forks. “A fantastic grilling tool set. And, to make sure you use the tools,” he says, pulling off another sheet. He reveals a plate of chicken and several spices, flour, and barbeque sauce. “chicken for your whole tribe.”

The tribes gawk in awe. They both have to win this; but only one can. Which will it be?

“One my go, you will send one person at a time into the ocean to dive down and retrieve a piece of the disc using only a pair of goggles and your hands. Karbo, you have to sit someone out today because you’re one person over the others. Who will it be?”

“I’m going…” Marmalade says, sitting down on a log nearby. The tribe seems to agree.

“Let’s get started. Go!”

Brady and Natalie dash out into the water first. They attach their goggles and swim around underneath, looking about for a disc piece. Natalie grabs a hold of one, when Brady rips it out of her hands and swims to the top. He returns with the disc piece and lays it down, handing the goggles off to Olivia.

She hands the goggles off to James. He puts them on and dives into the water. Natalie finally emerges with a piece of the disc and returns to shore. She hands off her goggles to Hailey.

James emerges with another disc piece and throws it onto the shore. He hands off the goggles to Daniella. Hailey searches the water and eventually finds a disc piece. She arises from the water and swims upward to shore. She throws them down and hands off the goggles to Scarlet.

Daniella emerges with another piece, and swims back. She hands off the goggles to Harvey and he dives in quickly. Just as Scarlet enters the water, Harvey exits with another disc piece. Scarlet dives down to look around.

“Karbo has four pieces already while Chur only has two. Karbo is two thirds of the way there!” Zane exclaims.

“Come on Scarlet, you can do this!” Tiffany exclaims.

Scarlet emerges with a piece of the disc and swims back. She crawls onto the shore, gasping for breath. Tiffany takes the goggles and dives into the water.

“Olivia! You have to go!” Harvey exclaims, placing the goggles into her hand.

“Ugh—can I not and say I did?”


She stumbles into the water and kicks around. She loses one of her boots, and then the other. They sink like rocks. Tiffany arises with another piece and tosses it to shore. She hands off the goggles to Michael, and he dives in after her.

“Go Olivia, GO!”

Michael arises with another piece and climbs to shore. He hands off the goggles to Natalie again.

“Chur almost has the last piece!”

Natalie arises with their final disc piece, Just as Olivia arises with her tribe’s fifth. Natalie swims to shore and throws the piece out to them. Scarlet and Michael begin to arrange the disc on the sand into an order that fits.

Brady takes Olivia’s goggles and dives out into the water. He swims around and emerges with their final disc piece. Just as he gets to shore, the Chur tribe raises their hands and stands up.

“Chur wins the reward!” Zane exclaims.

“Olivia, you suck,” Harvey says with an angry straight face.

“We should have sat her out instead of Marmalade,” James says, looking at Harvey.

“What? If Brady weren’t so slow we would have won!”

“Don’t give me that. You walked into that water. You’re the lazy one, sweetheart,” Brady says sarcastically.


“Food!” Tiffany exclaims.

“We did it! Yeah!” Scarlet cheers.

“As a bonus, to this reward, you will get a hint to the hidden idol. Remember; there is only one per tribal grounds so if you do find it, use it wisely.”

Michael accepts the bottled clue and cheers with his tribe. They go back to the tribal ground for the Churs, and they grill their chicken in their new pots with their spices and flour.

Part Two (Episode Three):Edit

“What does the clue say?” Hailey asks Michael, as the tribe gathers around him.

Beneath the pools of fire and hatred, you will find the prize.

“Odd. That sounds like a fire pit,” Natalie says out loud. The five exchange glances, and equally dash toward the campfire pit. They dig, and dig, and dig until Tiffany uncovers a skull attached to a thin rope. She lifts it up and cheers.

“I got it! I got it!”

“You lucky son of a-“ Natalie almost says, but stops herself.

“Congratulations, Tiff’!” Michael exclaims. Excellent. Their friendship will definitely prove worthy with Tiffany holding the idol to their continual success.

“This is the first idol of the game, I’d bet. I don’t think anyone on that stupid Karbo tribe has their idol yet. This is good for all of us!” Tiffany exclaims.


On the Karbo tribe, Harvey stands in front of their makeshift house. “Everyone, we need to go hunting for some food. Pair up and head out. I’ll collect the drinking water and boil it,” Harvey orders.

“You want to stay here all alone?” Marmalade asks.

“Uh—Daniella can stay with me if she wants to.”

“Yeah—sure!” Daniella exclaims. The others stand up and head off into the woods, while Harvey and Daniella hang around the campfire.

“Look, Daniella, I’m not going to lie to you. I kept you hear to help me search for the hidden idol of immunity. If you find it and give it to me, I’ll use it on either of us to ensure our alliance stays in the game. I know it’s around the campfire pit.”

“Won’t the others know you found it by the marks in the sand?”

“We’ll cover our tracks. Just dig around the pit.”

The two go into full force digging around the pit. Within five minutes, Harvey lifts the skull and rope idol from the sand.

Confessional Camera: Tiffany

“I know the snotty rich boy has that idol. At least—I think so. In fact, I hope he does. If he keeps it and does not play it, I’ll have someone to look out for if I make it that far.”




In the base camp area, Zane walks up to the two tribes meeting by the logs. “Tribes, I welcome you to the second immunity challenge of the game. You will be competing for both immunity and a special prize to be revealed later. Your challenge today consists of you canoeing through the water to the three buoys of your tribal colors. Each buoy has three corks attached by a rope. You must pull all of these out to sink the buoy. Once all buoys are sunk, you must return to the beach to win. Karbo will be sitting someone out for the challenge. Who will it be?”

“Olivia!” Brady exclaims, shoving her forward.

“Fine…” Olivia sighs, standing to the side.

“Very well. Castaways…begin!”


Both tribes dive into their canoes and set off into the water. Michael and Natalie control the oars on the Chur tribe, while James and Harvey control the oars on the Karbo tribe.

Scarlet reaches out to the first white colored buoy, and begins pulling out one of the corks. She almost trips out of the boat, but is kept inside by Tiffany holding onto her thighs. It pops out, and water begins to fill a slot in the buoy. As the buoy tilts sideways, Michael and Natalie strain to float around the object.

Karbo struggles, but manages to get two of the corks out quickly with Daniella’s insane stretching skills. “Hurry up—this is really hard to steer!” They head for their third when James accidentally drops the oar into the water. He shrieks and dives into the water after it. Amidst this, the canoe shakes and Daniella tumbles into the water.

“Karbo tribe has lost members to the water. They must have all members in the canoe in order to go to the next buoy!” Zane exclaims.

“…Wait, we can dive out and unclog the corks?” Scarlet shouts, asking Zane.

“As long as you’re in the canoe when you move to the next buoy, yes.”

Scarlet dives into the water and unplugs the next two corks. Noticing this, Michael cheers. “We have to go, Scarlet!” Hailey exclaims, looking out to the Karbo canoe as it drifts ahead to their second buoy.

Scarlet gets back into the canoe. They drift along to their second challenge.

Daniella stands up in the Karbo canoe and dives off. While diving, she knocks off a piece of wood from the side. She unplugs one of the corks and drops it into the sea. She swims around, and her leg gets caught in seaweed.

Chur manages to unplug all three corks and move on while Karbo manages to stay behind. Brady and Marmalade dive in to save Daniella from her entrapment. Chur unplugs one of the corks before Scarlet dives back into the water to go for the others.

Daniella frees herself and finishes off the second buoy. As it sinks, they get back onto the canoe. They drift off to the third and final buoy, and end up in a tie match between the two tribes.

James dives out with Daniella and manage to unplug two corks. With one cork remaining on both tribes’ buoys, it becomes a race to the finish.

The buoys sink as the last corks are pulled. Scarlet, being the only one in the water, gets into the canoe quickly and they set off for the main beach.

Daniella and James get back into the canoe and they sail off right behind. The chipped piece of wood chips more and more until a large piece of driftwood has fallen off of the canoe. It begins to tilt, and James tries to save it from sinking.

And in a quick flash, the Chur tribe wins immunity by reaching the beach first. The Karbo canoe sinks, leaving the losers in the water.

“Congratulations, Chur tribe. As well as immunity, you win a tarp and tooth brush sets!” Zane exclaims.

“You’re all useless!” Olivia exclaims from the beach to the soaking wet Karbo tribe.

“Chur, tomorrow the tribes will be equal. You will need to pick someone to send over as a Chief to the Karbo elimination. As for the Karbo tribe,” Zane says, turning to the waters away from the beach, “I’ll see you here for elimination tonight.”

Part Three (Episode Three):Edit

In the Chur tribal grounds, Hailey sits around the campfire curled up in a ball. Tiffany looks around at her companions, and says, "Who are we sending over as Chief, or whatever?"

"I don't care, honestly," Scarlet says, rubbing her hands over the fire.

"What's a chief?" Michael asks.

"Don't you remem--nevermind. How about I go? I'm an unbiased party," Tiffany says.

"What if I wanted to go?" Natalie asks.

"Shut up Natalie. We all know you don't want to go," Hailey mutters.

"Yeah, but-"

"Who are we sending over, tribe?" Zane asks, approaching the campfire in a golf cart.

"Me," Tiffany says, walking up and taking a seat.

"Well then--off we go to elimination!"

On the main campgrounds, Zane approaches the main campsite with Tiffany by his side. "Let's all welcome Tiffany, the Chief of tonight's vote. You'll have a few minutes to state your cases to try and sway her vote. Then, you'll go off to vote someone out of the competition. the eliminated player will wear the necklace of shame and ride off to Exile Island. Let's start the night off with Tiffany's statements. Tiffany?" Zane asks.

"Well, I'm open to all thoughts. I don't know who you guys really are, but I know you're hard workers. So, tell me what to do, I guess."

"Vote with your heart. It isn't like it matters," Harvey says.

"Hmm?" she asks.

"Olivia is getting the majority vote because she sucks," he replies.

"That isn't true! Marmalade is getting everyone's vote tonight! She's no asset to the team--she's a lazy fruit hat wearing troll!" Olivia exclaims.

"Troll? Really?" Marmalade asks her.

"That's enough. We'll start voting off with Tiffany. Let's go!" Zane exclaims.

Voting Camera: Tiffany

"Troll versus a mooch. Olivia looks capable. I'll be voting for...Marmalade, I guess."

Voting Camera: Harvey

"Come on, Dani. You know the plan."

Voting Camera: Marmalade

"I swear, if I'm eliminated I will be LIVID!"

Voting Camera: Olivia

"Goodbye, troll!"

"I will now read out the votes. If anyone has an idol and wishes to play it, now is the time to do so."


"Very well. The first vote cast was for...Marmalade."

"Ugh," she sighs.

"Next vote: Olivia. One for each."

"You suck, Harv," Olivia mutters in his direction.

"Two votes Marmalade, and two votes Olivia. Two on Two."

"A third vote on Olivia."

"James, did you actually vote for me?" Olivia asks.

"Please god just kick her off now!" James exclaims, pointing down at her.

"The second player voted off, with four votes enough, Olivia. Come claim your prize and get out," Zane says, holding out the necklace.

"Good job, Dani," Harvey whispers down to Daniella.

Olivia slips on the necklace, and kicks Zane in his nuts. He shrieks in pain, and falls to the ground. Olivia stomps off to the boat and rides off, finalizing her elimination.

"Head back to camp. Best of luck to you all!" Zane exclaims while still holding his groin.

While heading back to camp, Harvey and Daniella meet up in the woods.

"I did good, right?!" Daniella cheers.

"Fantastic. Keep it up, Dani. We'll be in the finals in no time."

Episode Four: The Ultimate BlindsideEdit

Part One (Episode Four):Edit

“We need to step up our game,” James says.

“What? We’ll do just fine with Olivia out of the game. And besides, teams are even now,” Harvey says.

“You mean tribes,” Marmalade interrupts.

James stands up from the fire and looks up to the morning sun. As he looks back down, a bottle floats across the river.

“We’ve got mail.”

He walks over and lifts up the bottle. He brings it back and smashes it on the ground. He lifts up the message and reads it out loud,

Grab your shovels and grab your gear, because today is the best day of the year.

“Shovels and gear? I’d bet we’re digging something up today, aren’t we?” Brady ponders out loud.

“Sounds like fun. We need to pull our weight today, in this case,” Marmalade says.


In the Chur tribal cave, Scarlet sits down beside Michael and draws some pictures in the sand with a stick. “Do you think we’re in any kind of danger? Natalie and Hailey are against us, I know. What if Tiffany flips on us?” Michael asks.

“…Naaah, she won’t do that,” Scarlet says and smiles.

“That looks an awful lot like a boob,” Michael points down to her drawing.

“What?” she laughs.


“It’s not a boob.”

“It’s a boob.”

“It’s not a boob, Michael,”


Tiffany walks into the cave. “So guys, I’ve been thinking about this whole idol thing. I want to talk about strategy. Which of the prisses do we get out first? –Who drew the boob in the sand?”


“It’s not a boob!”

“I think it’s a boob,” Tiffany giggles.

“Mail call!” Hailey walks into the cave and drops off a bottle with a message inside. She smashes it onto a rock, and pulls it out.

Grab your shovels and grab your gear, because today is the best day of the year.

“Is it even time for a challenge? It’s like, eight in the morning,” Michael yawns.

“Might as well get going,” Hailey yawns back.

“Don’t do that crap. It’s contagious,” Tiffany scolds.


In base camp, both tribes gather around Zane. “Welcome back, tribes. As you can see, Olivia was eliminated at the last elimination. Today’s reward challenge is centered around a small hike. You will all be hiking in your tribes to the top of the highest mountain on the island. At the top is a treasure chest containing a golden headed shovel. It’s a very rewarding prize, so I would try and get it. As the final ten players, this shouldn’t be too hard of a race. I’ll meet you at the top. We’ve got a big challenge ahead of us today, so let’s get moving!” Zane exclaims.

Zane escorts the competitors over to a medium sized mountain’s slope. The tribes start heading up the side of the mountain, trying to stay on their feet while still running up the steep cliffs.

“I noticed just now—there’s soooooo many chicks up in here,” Brady says, while grabbing onto a rock. Harvey laughs.

“Who said that?” Tiffany asks, looking slightly offended for some unknown reason.

“Tiger Woods,” Harvey shouts down to her.

James climbs up and over a rock, where he rests for a moment. He hikes up the less-steep edge until finally coming across a fallen tree.

“Really? It’s all…splintery!”

“Get over it and go! The others are coming up on us!” Brady exclaims. He climbs over the tree and tumbles onto his side. He stands himself up and hobbles up to a dead end of fallen rocks.

“Looks like we have to climb up,” James says.

“Out of my way!” Hailey exclaims. She does a cartwheel forward and handsprings upward, to grab onto the ledge and climb to the top.

“That handspring…oh my god!” Tiffany stops and gawks.

“What is it?” Scarlet asks.

“Hailey’s last name is Tang; AKA my high school bully! That’s where I know her from!”

“Uh—that’s extremely ironic and funny and all, but we need to win this challenge!” Scarlet exclaims. She points ahead to show Tiffany that the other tribe is climbing to the top rather quickly.

“It’ll be fine if Hailey makes it first, right?” Tiffany asks.

“Don’t let your high school bully win. Let’s go!” Scarlet urges her on.

Confessional Camera: Tiffany

“I hate this now. My high school bully is Hailey! And she’s just as cocky and stuck up as before. No wonder she avoided me last time I talked to her about recognizing her. She knows who I am!”


“What are we waiting for?” Natalie asks, walking up to the others.

“Don’t let her win!” James is heard shouting.

At the top of the mountain, Hailey approaches the treasure chest. She lifts the latch and yanks out the shovel. “Yes! I won!”

Zane flies up to the mountain in a small and orange chopper. He lands and jumps out, and nods at Hailey. “Looks like the Chur tribe has won another reward! Karbo, how are you guys feeling? You haven’t one a single thing!”

“Shut up! We’re trying as hard as we can!” James exclaims.

“Well, I would say you should try harder. Head back to camp, kiddos. I’ll retrieve you again in a few hours for the immunity challenge.”


“So that was terrible,” Tiffany pouts.

“We won, though,” Michael says.

“Good for the tribe, bad for me. Hailey, can I talk to you in the woods for a sec?” Tiffany approaches Hailey.


In the woods, Tiffany crosses her arms and stands in front of Hailey. “Oh god,” she says, “is this some sort of intervention?”

“I know who you are, Hailey. You were the lead cheer leader in high school. You were my bully. You were the one who said I was sleeping—never mind. The point is, you were awful to me. What do you have to say about that?”

“Uh…Tiff’, that was so long ago—“

“Don’t call me Tiff.”

“It was super long ago, Tiffany. Okay? I’m sorry. But it’s not going to change the fact that we’re in a game for cash. It’d be very petty to vote me off over that. Besides, I’ve changed my ways. High school is just a time for PMS and drama; things that never really carry over into the adult world. Can’t we let by-gones be by-gones?”

“Well…uh…” Tiffany looks somewhat guilty.

“I’m willing if you’re willing. We can be friends—even alliance members. We can vote off the short girl if you’re up to it.”

“…Uh…well, I feel like a douche.”

“Don’t feel like that. It’s okay,” Hailey smiles.

Confessional Camera: Hailey

“If Tiffany will go through with this, she’ll be gone by the morning. I’m not going through this crap with Tiffany again. Natalie and I are of an understanding. Tiffany goes home when we get the chance. And what better to do if Tiffany does not use that idol, because she trusts me? This is the best plan ever.”

Part Two (Episode Four):Edit

Three hours later, Zane gathers the contestants up at base camp. They gather around him, and he smiles at them all.

“Today’s immunity challenge centers around that there shovel,” Zane says, nodding to Hailey. She giggles. “Today’s challenge is known as ‘The Treasure Hunt’. Here’s the deal: Both tribes will be going through a series of challenges. One person from each tribe will get a piece of a treasure map. You will need to follow this map to the ‘x’ location to participate in a miniature challenge. Whichever tribe completes the miniature challenge first will be given a location to dig for a treasure chest. The other tribe must find the chest on their own, again, based on the map. In each challenge, one person from the losing tribe will be eliminated from the challenge. This person will be determined from a random selection based on a wheel spin. So, consider this when you’re playing the game. The map pieces will be given out right…now!” Zane explains, as he hands out two small map pieces to Natalie and Marmalade.

The two map pieces show an x location hidden in a patch of trees. Natalie grabs the map and stares it down. “This is by the lake in that small patch of trees! You know where I’m talking about!” Hailey exclaims to her teammates.

“You heard Miss Hailey! Let’s go, kids!” Harvey exclaims, taking off with his tribe to the woods.


In the lakeside section of the island, Hailey arrives with her tribe alongside Harvey and his companions. Hailey raises up her golden shovel and smiles.

“Welcome to section one! I see we’re all together now. Your first challenge is to dive into the lake, and locate a small cage with a key inside. You must obtain the key in order to unlock the treasure chest. So, get to it!” Zane exclaims as he approaches them from the woods.

James nods to his teammates and dives into the lake in front of them. Marmalade does the same. “Everyone in!” Scarlet exclaims. The entire Chur tribe dives into the water and searches for the box.

Tiffany comes out of the water first. “It’s too murky! We can’t see!” She dives back in and feels around the bottom.

Marmalade feels around and accidentally grabs an iron bar. She feels around for a moment, and then reaches inside. She yanks on a small brown key, and breaks the string. She comes out of the water and wipes off her eyes. She swims out and throws the key onto the ground. “I found it!” She exclaims.

Natalie dives out of the water and shrieks. “She did what?!”

“There is only one key. Chur tribe failed to get the key, so they’ll be hunting down that chest and opening it themselves, while Karbo will be given the exact location and will open it by the key!” Zane exclaims. He approaches Marmalade and hands her a note.

By the tree with the fork in it.

Karbo tribe approaches the woods, and Marmalade points out to a large tree with a metal fork in it. They approach it and begin digging with their hands in the dirt.

Chur races into the woods. “Crap! They found something!” Natalie exclaims.

“They don’t have a shovel. We do. We can still find our chest!” Hailey exclaims. They dash to the other end of the tree and start digging into the dirt. Within minutes, the dirt is back and a chest has been uncovered. They drag it out and begin hacking at the lock with the shovel.

Karbo tribe eventually drags out their chest. Marmalade gets down and inserts the key. The lock pops open, and they discover a new map piece. Marmalade lifts it up and reads it.

Hailey hacks the lock open and lifts up the hatch. She pulls out a new map piece, and she reads it.

Both lead to a new area by the mountain in the earlier reward challenge. They dash in the general area of the x.

“I think this is at the top of the mountain. I’m not sure though!” Natalie exclaims.

“I think this is at the base near the slope. We should dig there first before trying somewhere else!” Daniella exclaims.


At the mountain, the two tribes approach Zane. He smiles, and says, “The first two players eliminated will now be decided.” He looks at a large wheel beside him with both tribes on it. He spins it twice.

“Tiffany and James will be sitting the rest of the challenge out.”

“Crap!” Marmalade exclaims.

“This miniature challenge is very simple. The chests are both locked by one key. There are three keys hidden around here in the dirt. One key fits both chests. If you dig up a key, I will tell you the location of a chest.”

Chur begins to dig deep into the ground when they stumble across a small box. They lift open the hatch and pull out a circular key. Zane hands off a note to them. Top of the Mountain, in the middle.

The players dash off to the slopes and begin to hike the mountain.

Karbo comes across a triangular key in a box. They get told to dig into the base of the mountain. Both teams approach their destinations and begin to drive their hands and shovels into the area.

Hailey yanks out the chest quickly, and inserts the circular key. It won’t fit. They all dash back down to the bottom of the mountain and dig into the ground for a new key.

Marmalade pulls the chest from the rocky base of the mountain. She inserts the triangular key inside and again it will not fit. They look back to see the other tribe digging into the ground to find the key.

“Hack into it with rocks!” Marmalade exclaims.

“—What are we doing? We could have just knocked it open with the shovel!” Hailey exclaims.

“Whatever! Here’s the box!” Michael exclaims. He lifts it out and opens it up, and grabs a square key. They dash back up the slope of the cliff.

Harvey hacks open the case and grabs the third map piece. He looks at it and reads the drawing.

“This is at base camp!”


They dash off to base camp, while the others attempt to hike the mountain. At the top, they insert the key and grab the map piece, and dash off to base camp.

At the end of the mountain, they see that both Zane and the Karbo tribe have gone.


At base camp, Zane congratulates them. He turns to the wheel and spins it. “Harvey will be sitting out now. This challenge is a little harder. I’m going to ask you three questions. Get them all correct and you’ll get the key. Get any of them wrong, and you must find dig up the chest and hack it open. First question: How many buoys were in the last episode?”

“Six!” Daniella exclaims.

“Good job. Who was eliminated first from the game?”

“Tony!” Brady exclaims.

“Final question: How many idols are in play?”

“Uh…two?” Daniella asks.

“Good job! Here’s the key and the location. It’s right underneath the last stump on the right.”

“Sorry we’re late!” Scarlet exclaims as she approaches the site.

Zane spins the wheel. “Michael is sitting out now.”

“Aww!” he exclaims.

“I’m going to ask you three trivia questions. You must answer all of them correctly to get the key. Get one wrong and you have to hack the chest open. First Question: How many buoys were in the last episode?”

“Three!” Hailey exclaims.

“Incorrect. There were six. Three on each team. Sorry, but no key for you. The chest is the last stump to the left.”

Hailey, Scarlet, and Natalie race over to the left stump, while Brady, Daniella, and Marmalade dig furiously with their hands to retrieve the chest.

“Dig Hailey, Dig!”

“Scuff up as much dirt as possible, Marm’!”


Marmalade pulls out the chest and pulls out the key. She drops it.

Hailey digs up the chest and begins smacking at the lock with the shovel.

Marmalade lifts the key back up and shoves it into the lock. She twists it.

Hailey knocks the lock off, and throws the shovel down.

Marmalade lifts it up and pulls out a yellow idol resembling Zane.

“Place the idol on the large stump by me to win!”

Hailey pulls out the idol and dashes over to the stump.

Marmalade shoves her over and slams the idol down.

“Marmalade wins for the Karbo Tribe! In an alternation, Chur goes to elimination tonight!”

“Crap! Crap! Crap!” Scarlet scorns.

“Back to drawing boobs out of depression,” Michael says.

“Shut up, Michael!”

Part Three (Episode Four):Edit

In the Karbo tribal grounds, Harvey and Daniella excitedly gather together by the fire while the others celebrate by swimming in the lake.

“Good job, Daniella. Now listen to me: I’m getting you nominated to head over as Chief.”


“Now-now—don’t give it away to anyone. I know the black girl—I think her name is Tiffany—is aligned with the red head and the amnesiac. We’re gonna force a thought of betrayal. Tell them you’re voting for someone else, and place your vote on the girl. With her gone, the tribe will be at a standstill of anger and frustration. It will be utter chaos.”

“Wow you’re smart!” Daniella cheers.

“Exactly. That’s why we’re partners. I’ll be the brain and you can be pinky.”

In the lake, the others swim around and have fun. Harvey approaches them and sticks his feet in the water. “So, kids, who are we sending over? I say we let Dani go for the randomness.”

“I was thinking of sending over James,” Marmalade says.

“But Daniella would be a better choice. Send James over next time. This could be fun. She has no sense at all—she’ll be a fun little swing voter.”

“Well…uh, okay. Why not?” James asks. “I’m cool with it.”

Zane drives up in a golf cart. “Who’s going over?”

“Daniella,” Harvey smirks.

Daniella approaches the cart. “I’m ready for my close up!”


At base camp, the five remaining players of the Chur tribe gather around to strategize this vote.

“Tiffany, you know who to vote, right?” Hailey smiles at Tiffany. She nods back with a large grin.

Hailey turns back to Natalie and winks.

“Tiffany, you’re…voting with the girls?” Scarlet asks, looking slightly worried.

Tiffany whispers, “Natalie.”

Scarlet turns to Michael. “She’s flopping on us. What do we do?”

“Vote her off while we have the chance,” Michael whispers to her.

“But she could come back. She and Hailey vote off Natalie, Natalie votes someone, and we vote off Tiffany. Scattered votes mean a tie, which can be really bad,” Scarlet whispers back.

“Vote her off and we’ll see the turnout.”

“Welcome everyone. This is Daniella, your Chief. You’ll be able to state your thoughts here and now to convince her,” Zane says, introducing Daniella.

“I don’t need any convincing. I know who I’m voting off. I don’t like the way Hailey is looking at me!” Daniella exclaims with fake-anger.

“Well that’s a broad claim,” Hailey says.


“…Okay then. We’ll start the voting off with Daniella.”


Voting Camera: Daniella

“Harvey knows what’s best! Goodbye Tiffany!”

Voting Camera: Hailey

“Goodbye, Tiffany. I can’t wait to see this lovely blindside.”

Voting Camera: Scarlet

“Don’t flop your votes, Tiffany. It’s not funny, and you’re about to pay.”


“Before I read out these votes, does anyone wish to play an idol?” Zane asks.

After a few moments, Tiffany pulls out the skull and rope idol. “Here you go, Zane.”

“What are you doing, Tiffany…? That’s a…uh…waste of an idol!” Hailey slightly giggles.

Tiffany hands the idol off to Zane. He smiles and she sits back down. Everyone looks confused as they stare at her.

“I will not fall victim to a trick, Hailey. I know you.”

“This idol is legitimate. It counts. All votes against Tiffany no longer count. I’ll begin reading off these votes.”

“First vote: Tiffany.”

Tiffany smiles and looks over at Natalie and Hailey.

“Second Vote: Tiffany. Third Vote: Tiffany.”

“Fourth Vote: Tiffany.”

“Fifth Vote: Tiffany. Tiffany, that’s everyone’s vote but yours. This vote will be the only vote that counts, unless for some odd reason, she voted herself off.”

“And the third person eliminated from Castaway Island, in an amazing blindside, is…”

“I thought…we were friends…?” Hailey asks Tiffany, very nervously.

“Shut up, Hailey.”


“WHAT?” Natalie exclaims.

“Wh—What?” Hailey questions.

“To my original alliance of Scarlet and Michael: We said earlier that she had to go. And now, she’s gone.”

“But—Hailey is the one you hate! This is super rigged!” Natalie exclaims.

“Why—why didn’t you vote me off?” Hailey asks Tiffany.

“You’re going to be here for a little while longer. For the next three days, you. Are. Mine.”

Hailey gulps as Natalie walks off to the boat heading out to Exile Island. Zane sees her off and places the loser necklace around her neck.

“Tiffany—that was…brilliant,” Scarlet says at a loss of words.

Daniella gawks at what had just happened. “Looks like the idol is out of play now,” Daniella giggles nervously.

“Let’s go back to camp, Hailey. I think we have some chicken left over from last night’s dinner. I wonder if you’ll be eating tonight?” Tiffany asks with a devilish smile.

Episode Five: Starved for Rice

Part One (Episode Five):Edit

In the Karbo tribal grounds, Brady sits next to Daniella while Harvey and James leave off to hunt for firewood. Clouds fill the sky, brewing a powerful storm.

“So, what does Harvey talk to you about? I know he hangs behind the group and stuff to talk to you. Are you two like, dating or something?” Brady asks.

“What? Nah—we’re just in an al-uh, all friendship relationship!” Daniella stutters, then smiles.

“Uh huh.”

“Yeah—totally! Be right back, I have to pee!”


If this is some ploy to trick me, it’s not working you crazy hag. I know you two are in an alliance, Brady thinks to himself. He smiles and then jumps up. He brushes himself off and marches over to the hut, and sits down.


In the woods, Harvey lifts up a log and carries it along a pathway to the camp. James follows behind with several sticks. “Why are you making me carry this crap? You’re stronger than me!” Harvey exclaims.

“You need to pull your weight, child. I know what people are thinking. Marmalade does not like you. Frankly, you’re not my favorite person in the world either, but I’m nice enough to warn you that you’re on the chopping block at the next elimination.”

“Excuse me, Mr. James, but I don’t think you’re one to call shots.”

“I just thought you’d like to know that, well, people are aiming at you.”

“Mr. James, I would stop talking now. I have more power in this game than you can imagine.”

“I don’t see how that’s possible.”

“How about you stop asking questions and carry this log?”

“I will break your jaw if you keep talking smack.”

“I dare you to lay a hand on me.”

James prepares a fist and punches Harvey in his cheek.

Harvey then turns around and laughs for a moment. He smiles and approaches James. James, still with his chest buffed out, puts his forehead down to touch Harvey’s. “Well?” he asks Harvey.

Harvey kicks James in his groin, and then roundhouse kicks him in his chin. James topples over, holding his groin and bleeding slightly from a busted-out tooth.


“Well, Scar, Tiffany didn’t flop on us. She just blindsided Natalie,” Michael says, sitting up from a nap in the cave of the Chur tribal grounds.

“I guess she is loyal to us after all. If we lose, Hailey will go home,” Scarlet replies, yawning.

Tiffany snores in the background, while Hailey struggles to escape a bound of vines tied around her wrists and attached to a tree outside.

“I can hear you out there! Someone let me go! I’m starving! She hasn’t fed me in a freakin’ day!” Hailey screams out.

“Should we feed her?” Michael asks.

“Meh. I could care less, really.”

“I’ll go get some of our left over rice,” Michael says. He steps out of the cave and approaches a makeshift cooking stand. He pulls out a pot of rice and stirs it around. He brings it over to Hailey and sits it down.

He unties her cuffs, and steps back. “I don’t want Tiffany to eat my corpse, so I’d pretend you escaped,” Michael warns her.

“Thanks so much!” Hailey exclaims.

Confessional Camera: Michael

“I’m not going to be cold hearted like Sexy-Scar and Tiffany. I think we should be fair to all teammates—regardless to them being a bully or not.”


As Hailey shovels the rice down her throat, Michael goes back into the cave to talk to Scarlet. He takes a seat on a boulder.

“Did you bring any swimwear with you, Scar’?”

“Uh, well, kind of,” she says. She pulls out a suitcase from behind a rock. She opens it up and pulls out a bathing suit and bottoms.

“Nice. I forgot to bring my stuff with me. Kind of sucks now that I think about it,” Michael laughs.

“Do you like, want me to model or something for you?”


“Close your eyes and turn around,” she says.

“HHHHHRRROOOOONNNKKK” Tiffany snores in the background.

After a minute, Scarlet nudges him and Michael turns around.

“Holy c-“


“I’m ugly in this thing,” Scarlet says, adjusting the straps on her top. She now wears an orange-white blended top with side straps on her arms. Her bottoms are grey with a star (or purple blob) on her side.

“No—you’re uh…uh…uh…uh…uh…uh…you’re uh…fine I guess,” Michael stutters.

“Fine? This thing makes me look like a total attention-“



“Whuh—huh?” Tiffany asks, sitting up from her slumber.

“Kindly stop snoring please. I’m trying to have a conversation here,” she points at Michael.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll just go outside and uh,” Tiffany pauses to yawn, “uh, mess with Hailey.”

Tiffany crawls outside to find Hailey is untied and is chewing on crunchy bits of rice matter.

“Who untied her?” she asks, furiously.

“Why do you care? She’s a human being. She has to eat food, you know,” Scarlet says, stepping out of the cave.

“Shut up, balloon boobs—I know Michael untied her,” Tiffany scorns.

“Uh…no?” Michael asks.

“ExCUSE me? Balloon boobs?”

“I know you untied her! You’re a terrible liar! Scarlet wouldn’t do it because she’s trustworthy. Hailey has to starve!”



“Look, Tiffany, you say Hailey’s being a bully? You’re the one who’s tying her up and forcing her to eat DIRT. I let her go so she could be treated right.”

“I’M SO HUNGRY THOUGH,” Hailey pleads.

“Ugh! This tribe is all against me! Screw you guys, I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?” Scarlet asks.

“To hell if she doesn’t change her ways,” Michael says.


“She called me ‘Balloon Boobs!’”

“She tried to starve me to death!”

“She hasn’t really insulted me.”


“Contestants, it’s time for a reward challenge! Head down to base camp immediately for the day’s events to begin!” Zane exclaims from the announcer box.


At base camp, the two tribes approach with angered and nervous looks. Tiffany stands back, pouting at Scarlet and Michael. Harvey and James stand apart from one another with angry eyes, and Hailey continues to shovel rice in her mouth.

“I can see we’re all happy today. Today’s reward challenge is a simple game of ‘Balance Beams’. Now, before you ask what it is, let me explain. In front of us is the ocean, and on it are six balance beams attached to see-saws. That’s one for both tribes—three in a row. Your goal today is to get to the other side on a floating wooden platform, and open a treasure chest containing your rewards. Once obtained, you must paddle the platform back to base camp. The first tribe to finish will get their prize. The last tribe to finish will get their treasure chest emptied of all items. Karbo tribe, who will be sitting out today?”

“Sit out the supermodel,” Marmalade recommends.

“Wow. What if I was great at balance beams?” Brady asks.

“Shut up Brady, we all know you aren’t good at this,” James says, angrily.


“I want four Karbo members on the right, and the four Chur tribe members on the left. Let’s get ready and—balance! Oh—and if you fall off, you are out until your next turn. Go!” Zane exclaims.


Marmalade takes off onto her balance beam. It tilts to the backside, and she shrieks. She proceeds to climb up, when it flips back down to the top side. It splashes into the water, and Marmalade falls into the water.

As she swims back, Daniella jumps onto the beam. Hailey starts off on the Chur beam, and makes it to the other side, and approaches the second beam. As she takes a step on it, it falls down into the water, causing her to do a split. She shrieks and topples into the water.

“I told you she was a bad cheer leader,” Tiffany scorns.

“You called me-“


Tiffany approaches the beam and does a straight cartwheel across. She falls into the water almost immediately.

Daniella makes it to the second beam and jumps across. She begins to shimmy across, when the beam shifts upward. She slides off into the water with a large splinter in her hand.

Harvey steps up and takes off slowly. He makes it to the second beam, and slowly steps onto it. He walks carefully, and the beam tilts upward. He picks up his pace and eventually loses his balance. He grabs onto the pole, and pulls himself upward until the beam falls back downward. He regains his balance and makes his way to the third beam, where he trips and falls off.

Scarlet steps up and immediately topples over when Tiffany shouts, “Balloon Boobs!”

Michael steps up and makes it to the second pole, when he topples off.

“We can’t make it to the pole. This sucks!” Hailey shouts.

Meanwhile, on the Karbo tribe, James owns in the challenge as he approaches the third beam in a quick minute. He climbs across and takes a leap of faith. He dives onto the wooden platform and opens up his chest. Inside are two wooden paddles. He pulls them out and begins to paddle the platform to the base camp area.

“Crap! Go Tiffany! Go!” Hailey shouts. Tiffany jumps back onto the beam and begins running. She topples off and smashes her jaw onto the second beam’s beginning.

And as James approaches the beach, he jumps off with the chest in hand. He throws it down, and sand splashes into his teammates’ faces.

“Karbo actually won their first reward challenge!” Zane exclaims.

“What’s inside!?” Daniella cheers.

“Let’s see…uh…oh my god!” James exclaims.

He dumps the chest over and pours out several mounds of chocolates, spoons, forks, and wraps of steak.

“Food! Finally!” Brady exclaims.

“And for once, Chur goes back home empty handed. I’ll see you guys very soon for the challenge. Will Chur lose again because of high tensions? Or will Karbo lose because of the massive drama going on?” Zane says, rather cheerfully.

“That’s probably the other way around, Zane,” Scarlet says.

“Well…uh…yeah. See you guys later. Go back to camp.”

Part Two (Episode Five):Edit

“So what uh…happened to you? Your jaw looks a little busted up!” Daniella questions.

“James had the audacity to put his hands on me,” Harvey replies.

“Does that explain why he looks broken up?”

“Oh, he’ll be feeling worse later. We’re sending this jerk over if we win. And if we lose, we will vote him off.”

“But isn’t he like, the best guy for the tribe?” Daniella asks.

“Daniella, our tribes are coming down to the wire. Soon we’ll have to merge into one. We can afford to lose this jerk.”


“And if we lose after today, we vote off the super model or the fruit woman. Do you understand me?” Harvey asks. Beside him approaches Brady. He steps up and glares at him.

“I know about you two. You’re bad at hiding things,” Brady whispers. He pulls out the skull and rope idol Harvey once had and twirls it around.

“How did you get that!?” Harvey exclaims, confused.

“It was hidden by the shack. You keep it hidden in case it gets lost during challenges, don’t you?” Brady asks, smugly.

“How do you know it wasn’t just hidden there?”

“I know because of the clue. It was hidden by the fire pit. I saw you digging it up but couldn’t quite find out where it was after that. You didn’t have it on you. Oh, and I know about her, too. I suggest you keep it with you at all times, eh?” Brady says, while handing over the idol.

Harvey snatches it out of his hands and places it in his pocket.

“Take me with you two, and I’ll help you vote out the strongman,” Brady says, holding out his hand.

“…I don’t agree with your methods, but I think I might like you,” Harvey shakes Brady’s hand.


Hailey continues to scarf down rice in the Chur campsite. Tiffany stands with Scarlet and Michael near the cave.

“We don’t appreciate you being like this, Tiff’,” Scarlet says, still adjusting the straps on her bathing suit top.

“Why haven’t you changed out of that yet?” Tiffany asks.

“Oh my gosh, why do you care?” Scarlet asks, angrily.

“Never mind it. What do you mean ‘you don’t like how I’m acting’?” Tiffany asks her.

“Ever since Hailey admitted to being your bully, you have literally tortured her. What’s wrong with you? She’s one of us and should be treated as such. And honestly, if you want to be a part of our alliance, you need to work with us,” Michael butts-in.

“Dang it, Michael—I wanted to say that!” Scarlet scorns.

“Rawr,” Michael replies.

“And you’re saying you want me out of the alliance if I don’t stop torturing her?” Tiffany questions.

“Stop being a bully and we’ll stop pestering you,” Scarlet says, then smiles.

“Even though she sucks at life, I’ll try,” Tiffany sighs.

“Very well,” Michael says. He steps off and wanders over to the woods to listen for the speaker box.

“Eat your rice,” Scarlet mumbles as she walks past Hailey to join her.

“Not a chance I’ll stop. What do you do to it to make it taste so good?” Hailey asks her, putting her spoon down.

“Well, uh, we put it over a flame. That’s it,” Scarlet says, walking off.


“Attention all competitors. It is now time for the next challenge. Karbo, bring those oars you got from the reward challenge, and Chur, bring something to paddle with. You might want to risk that shovel!” Zane exclaims from the voice box.


At base camp, the tribes approach Zane. Ahead of him are two large canoes. “Welcome, tribes. Today’s challenge is a fairly simple task of rowing a canoe. You must canoe your way out to sea, and locate three of your tribe’s markers. Underneath these markers are treasure chests. You must work to get all three chests up onto your canoe. Once you get all three, you will paddle back here and drop off the chests. Then, you must retrieve the key from the totem poles beside me,” Zane says, pausing to point at two totem poles made up of each player’s head separated into tribes. “Your goal is to use the key you get to open up one of your chests. One of the chests contains immunity and several pounds of ground beef, and taco shells! One of the chests contains purely immunity. And, finally, one of the chests contains Immunity, cookies, and a few cans of beans. So, this is something you really want to win! Karbo tribe will be using their paddles, and Chur tribe will be using whatever they brought with them. Karbo, who is sitting out?”

“Uh…Daniella!” Marmalade exclaims.

“Alright. Let’s go!”


Hailey looks nervous as she fiddles with her golden tipped shovel. The tribes race off to their respective canoes. Karbo jumps into a blue canoe, while Chur dives into a red canoe. They swim off, Karbo going faster than the others.

Chur approaches a red marker. They shove the water mat over to reveal a string of rope is attached to a chest underneath it at the floor. “Looks like we need to dive in!” Michael exclaims. He looks down to the floor of the canoe and sees a box of goggles. He grabs one and puts it on, then dives off into the water.

Hailey does the same. A moment after, the two of them arise with a chest in their arms. They throw it out to the canoe. It smashes on the floor, and Hailey and Michael struggle to get in the boat.

Harvey and James arise from the waters carrying the chest. Harvey throws it into the canoe, and James swims off without saying a word. He jumps into the canoe with Harvey climbing up from behind.

“What’s your beef with him?” Marmalade asks Harvey, rowing the canoe.

“He has issues with me and I have issues with him. Let’s live and let die, eh?” Harvey says, picking up a paddle and placing it in the water.


Chur tribe approaches a second marker, and Michael dives in. “Go Michael!” Scarlet cheers.

“Drown Hailey!” Tiffany smirks after cheering.

Meanwhile, the Karbo tribe emerges with a second chest. They paddle onward to the third marker, while Chur attempts to get their chest.

And when they do, Hailey begins to paddle onward with the one shovel. “Go Faster!” Tiffany shouts at her.

“Does it look I’m slacking?” Hailey asks, paddling faster.

“Go faster! We’re losing!”


Karbo approaches the third and final marker, and Harvey and James dive in and search for the chest. They arrive with it in hand and toss it up. As they jump back into the canoe, they begin turning it around and heading for shore.

Chur approaches the third marker, and Michael/Hailey dive in to search for the third and final chest.

Karbo arrives on land, and they dive out of their canoe. “Start taking out the chests. I’ll go get the key!” Marmalade exclaims. She dashes over to the Karbo totem pole, and begins climbing it.

Chur arrives on land with their three chests on board. They begin piling them out onto the sand, when Marmalade reaches the top of the pole.

She yanks on the key and breaks it off of the string it’s on. She begins sliding down when the pole collapses underneath her. She climbs from the rubble and dashes up to them.

“We have time to decide. The others aren’t even climbing for their key yet! Which one do we want to open?” Marmalade asks, handing over the key.

“Go! Go! Get the key!” Scarlet nudges Michael on. He dashes up and begins climbing the totem pole.

“Wait—“ Michael begins feeling fuzzy. “What—what am I doing up here?”


“This one’s the heaviest! I bet it has the taco crap inside!” James exclaims to the group. Marmalade fiddles with the key and shoves it into the lock.

“Come on, Michael! We’re about to lose!” Scarlet shouts.

“Wha—oh! Oh right! Oh god this disorder is---whatever!” Michael exclaims. He grabs the key and slides down. He dashes back and shoves the key into a random chest.

“Karbo wins!” Zane announces as Michael twists his key.

“Tacos!” James exclaims.

“We won Tacos? Awesome!!” Daniella cheers as she dives into the sand near the chest to view what was inside.

“We’re going back to elimination? This is bullcrap!” Scarlet shouts, angrily.

“Well, uh, you know who to vote out. Why so angry? It’ll just be us three buddies remaining!” Tiffany cheers.

“uh…” Scarlet giggles nervously, looking at Michael and then to Hailey, “…yeaaaaahhh…”

Part Three (Episode Five):Edit

Tiffany gathers aside Scarlet and Michael. “Hailey goes tonight. I’ve starved her enough,” Tiffany smirks.

“Uh…yeah, why don’t you go see how Hailey’s doing? Ya know, let her know she’s going,” Scarlet urges Tiffany to leave.

“Huh. That’s something good for rubbing in her face! Yeah, be right back!” Tiffany skips happily out of the cavern.

“Are we really voting off Hailey?” Michael asks.

“It’s not right. Hailey has done nothing wrong to us, and quite frankly she’s really handy. I think…we should vote off Tiffany,…” Scarlet says, looking unsure.

“Tiffany has done nothing but try to ‘outwit and outdo’ her. She’s no longer an asset,” Michael agrees.

“Go along with what she says, but tonight we vote her off. I just hope the Chief doesn’t force a tie.”


Zane approaches the Karbo tribal grounds, and approaches the heavily tension filled group. “Well,” he says, “Who’s it gonna be?”

“James is going over. Isn’t he?” Harvey smirks.

“Well…uh, okay, fine,” James says, standing up and stomping over to Zane. He sits down in his golf cart, and prepares for takeoff.


At base camp for elimination, Scarlet, Michael, Hailey, and Tiffany sit together on the logs up front. In walks Zane and James.

“Well, this looks like a tension filled ceremony. Tonight it is very possible to have a tie, unless most of you target one person. James, the players will now state their cases to you. Begin,” Zane says.

James crosses his arms.

“Some of us don’t like bullies. Hailey here, is a bully. So, I say you join us to vote her off,” Tiffany says.

“They’re all voting me off. At least I can say Michael is the nicest one on the team. He at least fed me,” Hailey sighs.

“They didn’t feed you?” James asks.

“Tiffany didn’t let them feed me,” Hailey says, attempting to convince him to join her in voting off Tiffany.

“Well, that’s enough. We’ll begin voting off someone with James. Let us begin the vote!” Zane exclaims.


Voting Camera: James

“Bullies don’t deserve to be in the game. Hence Harvey—that douche.”

Voting Camera: Scarlet

“Tiffany, you don’t deserve to be here if you’re going to kill Hailey.”

Voting Camera: Hailey

“I…I have my dignity intact. I’ll help them out. I’m voting Tiffany!”


“I’ll read the votes,” Zane says. He pulls out the slips of paper. “First vote: Hailey.”

Hailey sighs and looks down to her lap.

“Second vote: Hailey.”

“Third vote: Tiffany.”

“Wow. She voted me even though she knows she’s going home. Shocker,” Tiffany giggles. She crosses her legs.

“Fourth vote: Tiffany.”

Tiffany looks shocked. She turns to Scarlet and Michael.

“Two votes Tiffany-Two votes Hailey. The last vote is officially the swing vote.”

“The fourth player eliminated from Castaway Island is…”

The camera pans to Hailey and Tiffany, who bite their lips and close their eyes.


“Wha-What!? You sided with her?” Tiffany asks, turning to her old alliance members.

“The blindside you pulled the other day rocked. But the way you’ve been treating her—you deserve this,” Michael says. He shrugs.

“You—you saved my life! Thank you so much!” Hailey exclaims.

“I hate you all.” Tiffany says. She stomps off to the boat, and departs for Exile Island.



The three remaining Chur tribe members gather with the Karbo tribe around base camp an hour later. Zane centers them around their luggages.

“Why did we have to bring our stuff?” Brady asks.

“Today marks the fourth elimination. It also marks the fact that you are all amazing players. So, in congratulations…”

He presses a button on a small remote, and a cage falls onto the luggage. “All luggage is officially forbidden. You will now be wearing the clothes on your backs.”

“Wha—no! No!” Scarlet screams. “My clothes are in there! This bathing suit chafes my skin—please god no!”

Episode Six: Down To The Wire

Part One (Episode Six):Edit

In the Karbo tribal grounds, James walks with Marmalade out into the woods to look for firewood.

“Listen Marmalade, I know we don’t talk a lot, but I know you’re a good player,” James says to her.


“Well, Harvey has to go. He’s been in the game for too long, and he’s causing trouble. Look at my tooth,” James says, pulling his broken tooth from his pocket.

“Oh my god!” Marmalade shrieks.

“He knocked this out of me when I punched him for being smart to me. If he doesn’t go soon he’ll be powerful at merge.”

“Uh…okay. If we lose today, I’ll work with you to vote him off.”

“Now we just need to get Brady to work with us and we’ll be set.”

“What about Daniella?”

“Daniella has a liking for him. We’re leaving her be.”


In the Chur cave, the three remaining players lay on the floor. Michael stares at Scarlet awkwardly, Hailey sits in the back drawing things in the sand with her finger, and Scarlet glares at Michael.

“Do you think this is sexy or something?” she asks Michael.


“It’s okay if you do, honestly.”


“So, yeah. I’m done with this crap.”

“Did I offend you…or…uh…something?” Michael asks, worriedly.

“No. This bathing suit is chafing my skin.”


“Will you two just make out already?” Hailey asks from the back.

“Shut up, Hailey,” Scarlet scorns.


“Attention all players: It is now time for the reward challenge. Please come to base camp immediately,” Zane announces from the speaker box.


The emptied tribes approach base camp, where Zane stands by several weighted donuts of iron. “Welcome back, tribes. We have the remaining three players on the Chur tribe: Scarlet, Michael, and Hailey, and the Karbo tribe members of: Brady, Daniella, Harvey, Marmalade, and James. We’re coming down to the wire, folks. Today’s reward challenge is about weight lifting. Karbo and Chur will send up their strongest team member, and the other two players will wait in increments of one minute. Then, the remaining players on each tribe must answer a quick trivia question. Whoever gets it first will get to add a weight to the other player. The first player to drop their weights will lose for their team. The winners will get a special prize to be determined afterwards. Let’s get started—tribes, who are we sending up?”

“James,” Harvey says, looking over.

“Agreed,” Brady agrees.

“Ugh, fine,” James says. He steps up and lifts up a large bamboo pole.

“Um…Michael, try and win this please,” Scarlet says. Michael shrugs and lifts up the bamboo pole.

“Karbo, sit two players out for the question portion.”

“Uh…How about we sit out Harvey and Daniella?” Brady ponders.

“Change it up a bit,” Daniella says. She steps back, and Harvey does too.


“Very well. First question: What is the state flower of Oklahoma?”

“The Oklahoma Rose ‘Rosa’,” Marmalade says rather quickly.

“That’s correct. Now then, add a weight to both sides of the pole. Each one is thirty pounds,” Zane says, pointing down to the weights. Marmalade and Brady lift up weights and carry them over to Michael. Michael braces the pole behind his neck. They place on the weights.

“Sixty pounds on Michael’s end. Next question: What is six times two?”

“Twelve!” Scarlet exclaims.

“Very good. Pick some weights.”

After ten minutes, Michael and James still stand at weights of 300 and 240 respectively.

“I…I…I’m breaking down…I…” Michael pants.

“Next question: Which player was eliminated first?”

“Tony!” Hailey exclaims. Zane nods. The two girls place sixty more pounds onto James’s pole.

“We are now tied at 300 each. We have four more sets of weights remaining. Next question: What is the state animal of California?”

“Grizzly Bear,” Brady says. They lift more weights onto Michael, putting up at 360 pounds.

“Final question of the evening: which contestant was chief in Natalie’s elimination?”

“Uh…James?” Brady asks.

“Daniella!” Scarlet exclaims. They add the final set of weights onto James, tying the two at 360 pounds.

“Now we wait.”

After ten minutes, a wasp flies up to James’s neck. “Oh god,” he panics.

And then it stings his throat. He screams and throws down the weights. He topples over, and Michael is declared the winner.

“Congratulations Chur tribe! The reward for today is…”

“His throat is swelling up!” Daniella exclaims. She dives down to attend to James.

Zane pulls off a sheet to reveal a table with several kinds of sodas. “Soda!”

“Someone help him! He’s having an allergic reaction!”

“Wait-what? James didn’t say he was allergic to anything on his application!” Zane shouts. He dives down to attend to him, but James is knocked unconscious.

“We need a medical team ASAP!” Zane exclaims into a walkie talkie.

Part Two (Episode Six):Edit

Zane stands with the members of the Karbo tribe. “James is going to be fine, but he needs to be treated, so he will be sitting today’s challenge. He will be fine, though. So no worries!” Zane explains.

“Oh, good. I thought you were gonna tell us he was disqualified…or dead,” Daniella says with a sigh of relief.

“That’s…an odd assumption,” Brady says to her.

“In the meantime, I want you guys to enjoy a consolation for James’s experience. You will be delivered a pound of ground beef and some hotdog buns. Get ready for a challenge, too, by the way,” Zane says. He gets into his golf cart and drives off, while two interns approach them and drop off the prize.


Michael, Scarlet, and Hailey sit around a fire and cook some rice while drinking cokes and pepsi.

“It’s so empty here,” Hailey says, stirring the rice.

“It sucks. There’s only three of us left here. If we lose again we are totally screwed,” Scarlet says.

“If we lose again you’re voting me off. I know you two,” Hailey nods to Michael.

“Likely it would be a tie, though. I’m surprised you aren’t nervous,” Michael says to her.

“I would be if you two weren’t so nice to me. I can’t believe Tiffany went off the deep end like that.”

Confessional Camera: Hailey

“I have to play innocent to stay in. Otherwise I’m going home. If I can just keep us in the game for one more day…maybe then we’d have a merger of tribes. I can try to align with the rich boy or perhaps the fruit wearing lady.”


“We should probably get ready for the challenge. I hope we can win tonight,” Scarlet says. She stands up from the fire pit and walks off.

Confessional Camera: Scarlet

“It’s been eighteen days on this island, and already I’m fed up. I thought we were on top of things, but in reality we were made into slackers. All these reward challenges we won, but all of these challenges we miserably lost…”


“Contestants, it’s time for the challenge! Let’s all head down to base camp for the next exciting event of the day!” Zane exclaims through the speaker box.


At base camp, the remaining players arrive—except for James. “As you can see, James is not with us today. He has been flown to an area hospital, so we are considering him to be sitting out for the evening. He’ll be back by elimination. As for today’s challenge, we have a nice coconut throwing competition. Here’s the deal—follow me to the other beach,” Zane says, leading the way to a challenge zone.

On an opposing beach, five targets sit colored in the sand. There is a large dispenser full of colorful coconuts nearby. “One at a time, in alternating tribes, players will pull a lever and will receive a coconut. You must use this coconut to lob out to the targets. The four large targets will be worth ten points. The middle target, the tiny one, is worth twenty points. After three rounds of lobbing, the points will be totaled up and the winning tribe will be announced. Here’s the twist, though: If you draw a green coconut, you get to throw this to subtract some of the opposing tribe’s score. There are only three of these in the entire batch, so best of luck!” Zane explains.

“The one man who can throw faster and better than us is out of the game. How lovely,” Marmalade says with a sigh.

“Who’s sitting out besides James?” Zane asks the Karbo tribe.

“I suck at throwing things. I’ll sit out!” Daniella exclaims. She prances over to a log and takes a seat.

“We’ll start with Scarlet and move on to Brady. Come back to Michael, and on to Harvey. Back to Hailey, and finally over to Marmalade, and then we’ll repeat over for round two. Let’s begin! Scarlet, pull the lever.”

Scarlet approaches the large wooden dispenser, and pulls the red tipped lever and receives a blue coconut. She takes it and lobs it out into the playing field. She does not hit a target.

“Better luck next time, baby. Up next: Brady!” Zane cheers.

Brady approaches the machine and yanks the lever down. He pulls out a red coconut, and takes it to the lobbing line. He tosses it out, and hits a large target.

“Ten points Karbo, zero for Chur. Michael, come on up!”

Michael approaches the machine, pulls the lever, and gets an orange coconut. He throws it out, and manages to barely hit the edge of the tiny target.

“Wow! That’s twenty Chur, ten Karbo. Harvey!”

Harvey approaches the machine, and receives a yellow coconut. He lobs it out and lands the large target at the very back.

“Tied at twenty. Hailey!”

“Good going, Harv!” Daniella cheers from the log.

Confessional Camera: Harvey

“She’s already blown the whole ‘secret alliance’ deal. If she doesn’t stop this I’m going to be very angry with her.”


Hailey obtains a red coconut. She lobs it out to the large target to the left. “Thirty Chur. Final player of the round: Marmalade!”

Marmalade approaches the machine and pulls out a blue coconut. She throws it out and it lands on the middle target. “Marmalade puts Karbo in the lead at forty points to thirty! It’s time for round two. Scarlet?”

Scarlet retrieves a green coconut. “Oh! The first of three green coconuts. This hit will subtract from the Karbo tribe’s score.” Scarlet approaches the throwing line, and lobs it straight (and dead center) to the middle target.

“Scarlet knocks the Karbo tribe down from forty to twenty. Brady’s turn!”

Brady comes up and gets a brown coconut. He tosses it out to a big target, and ties the teams again. “Thirty to thirty. Michael!”

Michael approaches the machine and pulls out a red coconut. He lobs it out and lands, barely, on a large target to the right. “Forty to thirty. Harvey!”

Harvey pulls out a blue coconut and throws it out. He misses a target. “Still forty to thirty. Hailey’s turn!”

Hailey gets a black coconut. She throws it out to the targets, and lands in the middle! “Sixty to thirty! Ouch! Karbo, you need to hit the middle target to get to fifty points, or obtain a green coconut to subtract twenty points to the other tribe. Marmalade, come on up and end round two.”

Marmalade approaches the machine, and pulls out a white coconut. She throws it out to the middle, and bounces off of Scarlet’s dead-centered coconut, which causes it to land just outside of the target.

“Too bad! Currently, Chur is leading by thirty points. In this final round, we’re going to up the ante. If you land dead center on a target, you gain ten extra points. All coconuts will now be removed from the field to give others a chance. The center of the middle target is now worth thirty points!” Zane exclaims. After a few minutes, all coconuts are wiped from the field. “Scarlet, start us off!”

Scarlet approaches the machine and draws out a red coconut. She aims and tosses it out to the near middle of the back large target. “Seventy to thirty.”

Brady approaches the machine and obtains the second green coconut. He cheers, then aims and lobs it.

And miraculously, he hits the dead center of the middle target. “Ouch! That brings them down to forty points—which is still in the lead. Chur tribe needs to miss this next hit to give Karbo the potential to get in the lead. Michael’s turn!”

Michael approaches the machine and pulls out a broken up brown coconut. He aims the messed up coconut and throws it out. It lands on the back target’s edge. “Fifty to thirty!”

Harvey approaches the machine and pulls out a blue coconut. He aims, and throws it out. It lands on the left center. “Fifty to fifty! We’re tied again! Hailey, come up and take the very last hit for your tribe.”

Hailey walks up and obtains the final green coconut. She aims and tosses it, and it lands at the edge of the middle target. “That’s a deduction! Fifty to thirty again. Marmalade, it’s up to you to win immunity for your tribe. All you need to do is hit dead center of the middle target to win, or anywhere on the center target to take us out to a tie breaker challenge. Come on up.”

Marmalade takes in a deep breath, and obtains a purple coconut. She aims, and throws it out.

And it lands on the edge of the middle target.

“Holy cow—that wasn’t supposed to happen, actually! We’re tied! Alright—here’s the tie breaker challenge. Scarlet and Brady will throw coconuts. Whoever has the highest score will win. If they tie, we’ll go on. They will throw at the same time. Scarlet and Brady, come get a coconut.”

Scarlet and Brady obtain their coconuts, and toss them out. They tie ten points. Up next comes Harvey and Michael. They obtain their coconuts, and lob them out.

Harvey lands in the edge of the bottom top target.

And Michael lands the center of the same target.

“Holy crap! I just won!” Michael cheers.

“Shockingly! Karbo tribe is going back to elimination! What a relief for the three of you Chur members. Holding strong indeed!” Zane exclaims.

Part Three (Episode Six):Edit

Harvey sits with Daniella in the Karbo tribal grounds. “So, boss, who are we voting off tonight?” Daniella asks.

“James, of course.”

“Alright!” she cheers.

Brady approaches them and takes a seat. “Alright, so…uh, who we voting off?”


“Even after this whole allergy thing?”

“Yes. Even after this. You’ll thank me later, too. He’s too strong to be in the competition. He’ll win over the others, so if he doesn’t go now he never will.”

“Alrighty then. You’re the boss,” Brady agrees.

In the Chur tribal grounds, Scarlet and Michael sit together by the fire. “Agreed that we send Hailey over?” Michael asks.

“Yeah. I’d rather stay here,” Scarlet says.

“You’re sending me over?” Hailey asks them, as she exits the cave.

“Might as well,” Michael says to her.

“Uh…alright then.”

Zane approaches on his golf cart, and Hailey waltzes over to him. “They’re sending me over, ‘baby’,” Hailey says, mocking his statement from the challenge earlier. Zane laughs and lets her in the cart. “By the way, Scarlet, I have received some urgent mail that was to be given to you,” he hands over an envelope to Scarlet.

In the woods, the Karbo tribe marches off to elimination.

“This will be so much fun,” Harvey laughs, looking over in James’s direction.

“Excuse me, Harvey, but I almost died thanks to a wasp sting. If you’re considering voting me off, I’m going to wring your neck,” James says, then smiles sarcastically.

“You’re tried once, Mr. James,” Harvey says.

“Whatever. Wait for me guys, I have to go pee,” James says. He hobbles out into the woods and ducks behind a tree.

“What a wuss he is,” Marmalade scorns.



“What is it?” Marmalade calls out to the tree. She looks down to the leaves below and sees a faint bit of blood.

“James!?” she shrieks. Everyone dashes out into the woods to his aid. James has managed to fall into a bear trap, and his right leg is nearly sliced open by the claws.

“Oh my god!” Harvey shouts.


“I would NEVER set up a trap to kill someone! I only vote people out; I don’t break their legs off!” Harvey begins to panic.

Zane pulls up in his golf cart to the scene. Hailey screams and covers her mouth.

“What happened here!?” Zane exclaims, looking at James who by now has gone unconscious.

“He got stuck in this bear trap!” Daniella exclaims.

“Ugh—we need a Medical Team—AGAIN; ASAP!” Zane exclaims.

Within minutes, a team arrives and carries James off to a helicopter, where he is air lifted to a local hospital.

Zane lifts up a note from underneath the bear trap. He unravels the paper. Before reading it, he looks up and tells the campers, “Go back to camp. We’ll reconvene later.”

“Michael, we’ve been here for a long time. I know the looks you’ve given me aren’t the friendliest of looks. You’re kind of cute yourself you know,” Scarlet scoots closer to him.


“I like you back,” Scarlet says. She leans in and kisses him on the cheek.

“UH…UH…UH…” Michael stutters as he looks back at Scarlet.

“Now, let’s read this note,” she winks, and rips open the note.

“Daniella, come over here for a second,” Marmalade calls Daniella over to the river side.

“Yeah?” she asks.

“I know you’re partnered up with Harvey. And I want to let you know that it’s not safe. He’s a snake. You need to break off.”

“Whaaaaaat? Harvey’s like, the nicest guy in the world!” Daniella exclaims.

“Shush! You’re being too loud. Look, I’m asking you to break off from him and join me. I’m trying to get him eliminated. I’ve got James and Brady’s votes, and I need yours to make it easier on us in case of the Chief’s vote isn’t in our favor.”

“But…Brady’s with us!”

“Brady is tricking you. Look, I need you to join us. Please. You’re a nice girl, Daniella.”

“Um…Marmalade, I don’t know…”



Zane opens up the note, and begins to read to himself in his private director’s tent.

This bear trap is intended to capture food for the contestants. If you find this, do not dismantle it.

Scarlet rips open the top of her envelope and reads it quietly to herself.


Dear Scarlet Sullivan. We regret to inform you that your aunt, Rhonda Sullivan has passed away today. It is highly suspected that foul play was involved, and the police are doing a full investigation. The NYPD are upset to give you this information at this time, but when you have the chance, please give us a call at our headquarters [Redirect:Interpol].

**Product Code**

આ કોડ નીચે નંબર છે



“Karbo tribe, I come to you today to deliver some very sad news. Due to James’s injuries, he cannot come back into the game. He is officially eliminated from the competition. Thank you all, and goodnight.”

He drives off on his golf cart, and gets a call from the producers. “It was our trap. The one intended for food capturing. Do you know how much of a lawsuit this is going to be?”

“You can’t make me decide!” Daniella screams out to Marmalade.

“Make a choice, Daniella. I’ll give you until the next challenge. If you don’t decide, it’s up to you to protect yourself. I’m sorry,” Marmalade says. She nods to the side. Daniella scampers off to the woods.

“What did she talk to you about?” Harvey asks as he emerges from behind a tree.

“Harvey, Marmalade has gotten Brady to work with her—and she did have James. Brady is betraying us. They’re trying to get you eliminated, and she’s asking me to pick a side!”

“Well, do you really have to think about it?”

“It’s so hard! I hate being given choices!”

“Daniella, you shouldn’t have to think of this. But I’ll give you until the next challenge to come up with someone who you want to side with. And if you choose her, you will be eliminated.”

---End of Act One---

Act Two: BetrayalEdit

The sands of change have shifted our lives.


Episode Seven: The Big MergerEdit

Part One (Episode Seven):Edit

The Karbo members: Brady, Daniella, Harvey, and Marmalade march through the woods alongside the Chur tribe. The Chur tribe members: Scarlet, Michael, and Hailey march alongside them without sharing any conversation.

As they approach base camp, Zane welcomes them with torches. Everyone takes on and stands on the side of the cameras. Zane crosses his arms behind his back, and smiles.

“So, Karbo, how does it feel to be at a lead? You’ve been ahead of Chur a lot on the elimination/immunity side,” Zane asks.

“We’ve had our losses. I’m sure Chur feels better about things, though, because of that lovely Soda and Chicken they’ve had,” Brady speaks for the tribe.

“Any of you feel threatened?” Zane wonders.

“I can’t help but feel like I’m going soon,” Daniella speaks.

“Why is that?”

“You watch our campsites twenty four-seven. Why don’t you tell me?” she replies.

“Okay then. Chur, do any of you feel threatened?”

“I know Michael and Scarlet here will be voting me off when we lose again,” Hailey says, looking back at her tribe mates.

“How interesting. Okay—so, today’s challenge will take place on a new island out in the distance. It is slightly smaller, but it’ll make do. I have a boat here, as you can see,” Zane backs up and points to a large white boat, “everyone is ordered to get on immediately.”

The two tribes get onto the boat, and head off to the new island. They look at each other awkwardly.

“I know exactly what this is,” Hailey whispers to Scarlet.


“Merge. We’re about to merge—I know it!”

“Nah. Just some overly complicated challenge is about to happen. We’ll probably have to swim back to win or something,” Scarlet whispers back.


As the boat approaches land, the players can barely make out the silhouettes of five people.

It docks, and the final seven contestants jump from the boat and onto land.

“Contestants,” Zane says, walking over to a large tarp covering something behind it, and being held up by bamboo. “Let’s welcome some people to the game!”

He pulls the tarp down, and reveals Tony, Olivia, Natalie, Tiffany, and James (who is on crutches).

“Tony, first eliminated from Chur. Olivia, second eliminated from Karbo. Natalie, third eliminated from Chur. Tiffany, fourth eliminated from Chur. James, fifth eliminated from Karbo due to a medical evacuation. Say hi!”

“Hi there, traitors,” Tony looks down to Scarlet and Michael, while smiling at Hailey.

“I could say the same,” Tiffany scorns, looking at the same people, but still frowning to Hailey.

“Today’s reward challenge is simple. Karbo, Chur, and our eliminated tribe known as ‘Elimo’, will be fighting for the game today. Karbo and Chur will be put aside to stand today, and the five of the Elimo tribe will be put in some bamboo cages anchored on land, leading out to the ocean. I’ll explain more when we’re ready.”

And after an hour, the players of the Elimo tribe are locked in small cages, and anchored to land by a large and silver anchor.

“Each cage is attached to their anchors by three ropes. I’m going to go in a line and ask questions to each tribe about the game so far or their fellow tribe mates. Karbo, you’ll be sitting someone out. Who will it be?”

“Daniella,” Marmalade shouts.

“I agree,” Harvey says, looking at her angrily.

“Okay then. Each tribe will be given a question. If they cannot answer in ten seconds, the other tribe will get to steal the question. Whoever gets it right first will get to cut a rope. Meanwhile we’re doing this, the Elimo tribe will try to escape their cells. They can do whatever to escape; being breaking the bamboo or slipping out. There is a latch at the bottom of the cell to open the trap door floor. The first two to escape and get to land, or the last two players left will, you guessed it, rejoin the game!

“Aww, what?” Marmalade asks, then sighs.

“Yep! So, this is a big deal. The other losing players will be sent back to Exile Island. Good luck, players!”

“I’m coming back, jerk faces!” Olivia shouts to her Karbo tribe members.

“Elimo tribe: begin breaking out!” Zane exclaims.

“Chur tribe, we’ll start with you. How many players has the Karbo tribe lost?”

“That was…uh,” Scarlet pauses.

“Two! James and Olivia!” Hailey exclaims.

“Good job: who will you cut?”

“Let’s see…if Tiffany rejoins she’ll eat us alive by joining up with the other tribe…so I say we should cut her,” Michael says, strategizing.

“Tiffany!” Hailey exclaims. Zane nods and approaches Tiffany’s anchor. He raises up a very sharp blade from the ground and slices a rope from the anchor. Tiffany shrieks as her cell shifts and floats slightly farther out.

“You chopped me! You jerks!” Tiffany shouts. She begins kicking the bamboo cell bars.

“Karbo tribe, how many players have the Chur tribe lost?” Zane asks.

“Three,” Harvey responds easily.

“Correct. Who will you cut?”

“If Olivia wins and rejoins she’ll be a quick and safe boot. So let’s just help them out and cut off Tiffany,” Marmalade says.

“Tiffany it is!” Brady exclaims. Zane walks over and hacks off another bit of rope. Tiffany shrieks, and falls over in her cage.

“Chur tribe, what was the first ever challenge we did?”

“We uh…did that capture the flag thing!” Michael shouts.

“Correct! Chop someone!”

Meanwhile, Tony kicks out one bar of bamboo. He reaches his hand out and feels around for the latch.

“Let’s cut off Tiffany for good!” Hailey exclaims.

“Say goodbye to Tiffany!” Scarlet exclaims.

Zane walks up to her anchor and raises the blade. “Tiffany, it’s been fun. But you are now officially eliminated from the competition. Goodbye.”

He hacks the last remaining rope off, and Tiffany screams. She falls over, and as the cage floats off in the ocean, she shouts out to her old tribe mates, “You’re all backstabbers! I hope you choke on the rice!”

“Karbo tribe, Tiffany is now eliminated. Who won the first ever reward challenge?”

“Chur. Cuz’ we suck,” Brady says to him.

“And we’ll chop James,” Harvey says.

“Well, uh, that’s correct, so…” Zane walks over and chops the first rope from James.

As he topples over, he realizes he still has his crutches. He uses one of them to dig into one of the bars.

“Chur tribe, what is Tony’s last name?”

“What? How in the world are we supposed to know that?” Hailey asks.

“I have no idea,” Michael holds his hands up and sits back.

“Karbo, you now can steal the question. What is Tony’s last name?”

“Nobody knows, bro.,” Brady says.

“Okay then. Back to Chur once more; what is Harvey’s last name?”

“Duck…? Duke…Duek!” Hailey shouts.

“How did you even…?” Harvey asks to her from a few feet away.

“You told it to me on the first day of the competition!” Hailey exclaims.

“Okay then. Who will you cut down?”

“Guys, let’s try to get Natalie or Tony back! Sure they’ll be mad but they probably won’t go for the other tribe at merge!” Hailey exclaims.

“Uh, alright then. Let’s chop down Olivia or James,” Scarlet says.

“Olivia!” Michael shouts. Zane takes it as an answer and approaches Olivia’s cage. He slices off the first rope.

She shrieks. She uses her boots to kick through one of the bars (after a few minutes of trying) and begins feeling for the hatch.

“I’ve got it!” Tony exclaims. He can feel it but he can’t get a grip. He needs to break another bar to get his body further out to reach it.

He begins to kick at a bar beside him to extend his hole’s width.

“Karbo, you’re next. What was the first reward challenge we ever did?”

“That disc thing,” Harvey says.

“Good job!”

“We’ll cut a rope from…uh…James again!” Brady exclaims.

Zane approaches James’s cage and slices off a second rope.

Tony smashes out a second pole and reaches out farther. He uses a piece of the pole to push the latch over. The floor collapses, and Tony falls through into the ocean. He emerges and pushes the hair from his eyes, and begins to swim forward to land.

“Yeah! Come on Tony!” Hailey exclaims.

“Chur tribe, what was the last immunity challenge we did?”

“That coconut thing,” Scarlet says.

“Good job.”

“We’ll be cutting off James,” Michael says. Zane approaches James’s cage.

“James, it’s been fun. But you are the next competitor officially eliminated from the game. Goodbye.”

He chops off the rope, and James sails off into the open sea.

Tony approaches land and crawls onto the beach. He coughs up some sea water and lies on his back.

“Hey there, Tony,” Zane approaches him. He holds out his hand. Tony grabs it and pulls himself up. He shakes off the water from his hair.

“Welcome back to the Chur tribe.”

Tony cheers, and the Chur tribe cheers with him.

Olivia kicks out one of the bars, and begins feeling for the latch. She too cannot reach it.

Natalie continues pecking at the bamboo barely with her feet.

“Karbo, How many days has it been since this game began?”

“Oh god…uh…I have no…uh…” Harvey counts the days.

“Sixteen I think…” Brady says.

“…Oh yeah!” Harvey exclaims.

“Alright—that’s actually correct. Cut someone’s strings.”

“Natalie,” Brady says.

Zane approaches her cage and slices the first rope off.

Olivia kicks out yet another bar of bamboo, and hacks off the latch. Her floor drops, and she falls in.

“Olivia’s out of her cage! Every question from now on will chop a rope from Natalie unless she can escape too! Chur, what was the second ever reward challenge?”

“Natalie has to come back in!” Hailey exclaims.

“Pass! Pass!” Michael shouts. Zane looks over to the Karbo tribe.

“The hike!” Brady exclaims. Zane approaches Natalie and slices off another rope.

Olivia arises from the water, still in her cage. “Something has my foot!” She then goes back under.

Natalie screams, but knocks out a bar. She grabs the bit of bamboo she knocked out and uses it to reach for the latch. She pushes on it, but still can’t open her door.

“Chur, do you still pass?”

“Yes! Come on, Natalie, hurry!”

Natalie finally pushes the latch over far enough. She falls into the water. She begins swimming to land when Olivia frees herself from the entanglement of seaweed.

The two swim rapidly, and it comes down to…

The two of them reach land at the same time. “It’s a tie!” Zane exclaims.

“What!? This is rigged! I totally made it here first!” Olivia shouts.

“Yeah! I made it first you hag!” Natalie exclaims.

“Well…uh…in the event of a tie, I’m supposed to do a vote. So, it looks like we’re going to be voting someone into the game!” Zane exclaims with a little bit of joy over the fact that drama is certain to occur in their votes.

“Chur, we’ll begin with you. Say aloud who you want to join.”

“Natalie,” Hailey says.

“Natalie for all of us,” Michael nods to Zane.

“Three votes Natalie. Karbo?”

“Olivia for all of us. Right, Daniella?” Harvey turns back to look at Daniella. Marmalade smirks and turns around to look at her as well.




“Four Olivia, Three Natalie. It looks like Olivia is rejoining the game!” Zane exclaims.

“No! This sucks so much!” Natalie shouts in anger.

“Natalie. It’s been fun. But you, James, and Tiffany are officially eliminated from the competition. Goodbye,” Zane says. He orders for two interns to take her off to the white boat. It sails off, without the other players.

“Olivia and Tony, welcome back.”

“Wait—that boat was our ride back. How else are we gonna get there?” Daniella asks.

“Oh, yeah, about that—You aren’t. All rewards on the island will be burned and destroyed. Your luggage is considered a personal item, and will be caged up on the boat. The next and final half of the game takes place here and now! There are no longer going to be separate tribes! You both have merged!”

“Wha—yeah!” Daniella cheers. She jumps up and down with her former Karbo mates.

“Finally!” Hailey exclaims.

“So uh…heh…Tony, uh…no hard feelings, right?” Scarlet asks, patting him on the back.

“You voted me off. I’m uber pissed, you jerk,” Tony says, sternly.


“I’m joking! It’s great to be back!” Tony hugs Scarlet.


Confessional Camera: Tony

“For the record, I am very angry about the elimination, but it’s good to be back. I’m sure Harvey’s a snake, so I might as well stick with either Olivia or with the old Chur tribe.”

Confessional Camera: Olivia

“Oh yeah, I know what you all think of me. I’m not who I was before. I’ve learned that I need to be less stubborn and more serious. I’m going to be winning immunity from now on. And, since there are quite a few consolation prizes for making it far, I’m gonna try and win this or at least make second or third place.”

Part Two (Episode Seven):Edit

“Zane said our tribal grounds are this way,” Marmalade says, tilting the map to the side.

“Something’s not right, here,” Olivia says. She turns aside to see monkeys climbing through the tree tops.

“Is that it?” Michael asks. He points out into a clearing to a slight light flashing randomly in the shadows.

The tribe cuts through the trees and spots a fire, and two broken down tents of tarp and bamboo. There’s a bottle sitting on a tree stump. Tony approaches it and smashes it onto the stump. Out falls a note.

Brady grabs it and opens it up. He clears his throat and reads it out loud.

Congratulations: Barosa tribe! You’ve made it this far in the game, which is a true achievement! Tony and Olivia, a special message to you: for returning to the game, you are immune from this elimination. You can choose to compete in today’s immunity challenge or not. As for the rest of you, the challenge will begin at sunset. You have until then to set up camp!

“Looks like fun. I’ll go look for water. Daniella, you’re coming with me,” Harvey orders.

“No, Daniella is staying with us to set up the camp. Isn’t that right, Daniella?” Marmalade asks her, seriously.

“Daniella, we’re getting water.”

“Daniella, we’re setting up the tents.”

“DANIELLA IS COLLECTING FIRE WOOD!” Daniella exclaims, running off into the woods.

“Ugh. It’s like talking to a brick wall,” Harvey says to Marmalade.

“What was all that about?” Tony asks.

“Harvey and Daniella have an alliance and she’s freaked out or something,” Scarlet says to Tony.

“Oh…well, what should we Chur people do?” Tony asks.

“Since the others are doing…uh, other stuff, we should like, fish or something,” Scarlet says.

“Eugh, I hate manual labor,” Hailey sighs.

Confessional Camera: Michael

“Redemption. That’s what I need. Hailey has drug me down with her but now that it’s merge, I have a chance to recreate my personality for the viewers

“Even though we just merged, you’re worried about manual labor? You’re lucky we saved you instead of Tiffany, you know,” Scarlet scorns.

“Time to toughen up,” Tony says to her.

“Maaaannnn…” Hailey sighs. She walks off to the beach and looks around.

“Er…what are we even gonna use to fish?” Michael asks.

“Something is telling me we’ll be using sticks or spears,” Tony says. He walks over to a bush and lifts a stick up from the grass.

“Stop being so negative,” Hailey says, mockingly. She walks over to Tony and looks around for bamboo or something to make into a spear.

“Apples!” screams Olivia. The group looks back at the trail to see Marmalade climbing in a tree to grab several red and shiny apples from the top.

“Great. We don’t have to fish!” Tony exclaims. He struts over and starts climbing the tree.

“Egad,” Hailey mocks the others as she approaches the tree.


“How lovely,” Hailey whispers to herself.


The tribe heads over to a new base camp centered on the main arrival beach, where they gather around Zane. He pulls out a crown with a large ruby on the front of it. “Welcome, final nine. This is the Immunity Crown I hold in my hands. You want this as bad as winning right now. This is immunity, for short. Today’s challenge is very simple test of endurance. Here we have assembled a boardwalk, which expands out to a single canoe in the water. You will be going through three obstacles: The rock wall, the rope swing, and the balance beam. At the end, you’ll find the canoe waiting for you. The player who gets into the canoe must open up the chest inside and place the immunity crown on their head, and then paddle back. The rest of you will be up for elimination—of course, except Tony and Olivia. If you fall off of the board walk, you are out of the challenge. If you fail your obstacle but still remain on the boardwalk, you may only restart your challenge.”

The final nine assemble themselves on a large wooden boardwalk. “Castaways: Prepare yourselves! Go!”

Brady takes first, but trips over his own two feet.

Olivia surprisingly takes off to the rock wall obstacle, and climbs up it furiously. Behind her follows Michael. As he gets near the top, Harvey climbs on and yanks his leg, causing him to fall off. He lands in Hailey’s arms, causing her to tumble back and knock both into the water.

Olivia climbs over first and races forward. She approaches a large rope attached to a wooden beam, and takes off with a powerful thrust. She lets go, and smashes her body onto the boardwalk ahead.

Harvey follows up to the rope, while Tony and Daniella finally cross the rock wall. Scarlet approaches the wall and begins climbing, when Marmalade jumps onto her back and pulls her off.

“Ugh! Get off of me!” Scarlet shouts. She pushes Marmalade back and climbs onto the wall. Marmalade stumbles back and falls into the water.

Harvey, Daniella, and Tony cross the rope, catching up to Olivia. She approaches a long balance beam, and begins stammering across. She tries to hurry, as Harvey approaches her quickly.

Daniella gets close behind, and Tony knocks her off. As she falls, she trips over and grabs onto Harvey’s legs. The two fall off. Olivia jumps to avoid being hit, and lands on her belly, holding tightly onto the beam.

Scarlet and Brady approach the rope swing, but Scarlet falls into the water while Brady swings across successfully. He approaches the beam and takes his time to catch up to Tony. He bends over to knock Olivia off when Brady grabs him by the side and throws him into the water.

“Olivia versus Brady!” Zane exclaims.

Olivia hands onto the board, and pushes herself up. She approaches the dock and jumps into the canoe as Brady dives forward to grab her, but misses.

She opens up the chest and grabs the crown. She places it on her head and rows off. Brady screams, “No!” and throws himself into the water.

Olivia approaches the beach, and Zane helps her out. “In a shocking twist, Olivia—who is already immune-wins immunity!”

“Yeah!” she exclaims.

As the waterlogged contestants get onto land, Zane pulls Olivia next to him. The others gather around. “Olivia, as you are immune, you have the option to give your crown to someone else, or keep it as a handicap to the others.”

“Can I think on it?”

“You have until elimination in a few hours.”


On the hike back to camp, Harvey pulls Olivia aside. “What do you want?”

“The crown. If you give it to me, it’ll certainly benefit you.”

“Uh, no? I don’t even know you that well, other than the fact that you’re a backstabber.”

“Do you see this?” Harvey asks, pulling out the idol and twirling it around his finger.

“Is that a hidden idol thingy?” she asks, almost amused.

“Yes it is. And it’s yours if you give me the crown tonight. I won’t use it until you tell me to.”

“…Well, that’s an enticing offer…I mean, you’re giving me your idol. I guess…alright. I’ll give you the crown. But if you play the idol or something tonight I promise you I will get you out. I promise.

“No worries!”

Part Three (Episode Seven):Edit

“So, what are we doing?” Michael asks, holding up a stick of bamboo to nail to the ground. He presses down on the top to drive it into the sand.

“Vote off Harvey. This is our chance,” Scarlet says.

“Sounds good to me,” Tony says, grabbing a tarp and pulling it to the site.

“Voting off Harv? I’m in, I guess,” Hailey joins the conversation.


“Vote off Daniella, Brady. It may not look good right now, but with Harvey without an alliance member he’ll go snooping for others. He’ll be weak—and the minute he’s open, we get him by surprise,” Marmalade explains to Brady in the bushes.

“Sounds good to me. I should probably go see what he’s doing. Be right back,” Brady says. He crawls off and stands up behind a tree. He walks off into the campsite and sees Harvey peeing behind a bush. He approaches him.

“So, dude, what are we doing?”

“Oh, yes, we’re voting off Daniella,” Harvey says.


“Yes. She’s trying to conspire against us with Marmalade.”

“Wow. She’s like…a traitor!”

“Yes. I hate traitors. They’re worse than other alliance builders. They’re rats.”


Confessional Camera: Brady

“I feel like he’s on to me. But if he’s not, then this plan is a clean shot. It’ll be easy enough to play the game with Harvey gone. Daniella, being his only alliance member, will be gone soon to hinder him.”


The tribe members walk up to the new base camp to see a large bleacher made of stone. “Welcome, players. You will all take a seat on the bleacher, with the immune persons being the only one on the front row. Tony and Olivia will be sharing the front tonight.”

“Uh, Zane, I’d like to play my crown after all.”

“Oh? On who?”

“Mr. Harvey!” Olivia removes her crown, brushes her hair down with her fingers, and hands off the crown to Harvey. He places it on his head and steps out to the front seats.

“Very well. Tonight, Harvey, Tony, and Olivia are immune from elimination. This means that the players who can go home now are: Brady, Daniella, Marmalade, Scarlet, Michael, and Hailey. The six of them are now in danger, I suppose.”

“Totally,” Scarlet says. She rolls her eyes in the direction of Tony and Michael, and even Hailey. She approaches them and whispers, “Vote off Daniella. It’ll still hinder him enough.”

“Take a seat,” Zane says. The players sit down on the bleacher and adjust to the stone seats.

“Let’s do this! Before we vote, I’m gonna ask some questions. Daniella, we’ll start with you. Do you feel threatened tonight?” Zane asks.


“She should,” Harvey smirks.

“But—Harvey…” Daniella says. She sits in the middle, while Marmalade’s feet hang down to the right of her, and Harvey sits back to the left.

“Ohh…drama! Alright, so, Scarlet, do you think you’re being targeted by the other players?”

“Not at all. At least, not yet.”

“Alright. Alright. Let’s kick off voting with Harvey.”

“Remember to vote her off,” Harvey winks and says to Olivia before leaving. She waves and nods.

Voting Camera: Harvey

“Daniella, you deserve what’s about to happen.” Harvey pulls out the pen and writes a name down onto the paper in front of him. “And just in case, this vote matters.”

Voting Camera: Tony

“I sure do hope this goes right. Harvey must be strong for everyone to be targeting him!”

Voting Camera: Marmalade

“Won’t this be fun? For once, Marmalade gets a say in what happens in the game! I’ll be controlling you all, soon.” She kisses her palm and blows it to the camera.

Voting Camera: Daniella

“With Harvey immune…I have to make a choice! But…but…I know I’m going home. Maybe I’ll make a record for ‘first totally unanimous elimination’ by voting for myself. It’ll get me some recognition when I’m gone…”


“If anyone would like to play an idol, now is the time to do so,” Zane says.

“Now is your time to choose, Daniella,” Harvey whispers back to her. Daniella looks at Marmalade, who smiles down to her and waves. She looks at Harvey who shines the hidden idol at her from his pocket. She closes her eyes and scoots to the left—Harvey.

“Good choice,” he whispers. He pulls it out and stands up. “Yes, Mr. Zane. I would like to play my idol.”

“But you’re immune,” Zane says. He giggles slightly.

“Oh like I didn’t notice,” he sasses, “this is for Daniella.”

Zane grabs it and inspects it. “The hidden idol from the Karbo camp. Very interesting. Daniella, no votes count against you for this elimination. I’ll read the votes.”

“Harvey, what did you just do, Bro.?” Brady whispers down to him.

“Shut up, traitor.”

“First vote: Daniella. Doesn’t count.”

“Second vote: Daniella. Doesn’t count.”

“Third vote: Dan—isn’t this YOUR handwriting, Daniella?”

“Yes. I figured I was going home, but…”

“Whatever. Fourth vote: Daniella. “

“Fifth vote: Daniella.”

“Sixth vote: Daniella.”

“Seventh vote: Daniella. All of these don’t count.”

“Eighth vote: Daniella. Looks like we’re down to one vote now! If it’s for Daniella, we have to revote. If it’s for someone else, that person is out!”

“My swing vote,” Harvey says.

“And the sixth person eliminated from Castaway Island is…”


“Wha-what!?” Marmalade shrieks.

“Turns out I have a little respect for traitors. I enjoy playing the game.”

Camera Re-Cap – Voting Camera: Harvey

“Daniella, you deserve what’s about to happen.” Harvey pulls out the pen and writes a name down onto the paper in front of him. The camera zooms in. Marmie. “And just in case, this vote matters.”


“Marmalade, you’ve been eliminated.”

Marmalade stands up, adjusts her fruity hat (completely void of anything because it fed her tribe), and walks off to a white boat.

“Just letting you guys know, you have a snake.”


On the way back to camp, Harvey pulls Daniella back from the group and goes behind a tree. “Why did you do that?”

“I need to talk to you,” Harvey says, looking side to side to make sure people aren’t around.

“No, I mean, why did you save me? You got people to vote me off.”

“I did that to teach you a lesson. Honestly I expected a tie or you going home for picking Marmie. The point being that you chose me: your original alliance buddy. I saved you here, and I’ll save you there.”

“After everything we just went through? I’m surprised I’m even here, really.”

Harvey lets go of her and backs up. “I’m here for you, Dani. I’m a little hurt you betrayed me like that, but I am still here.” He approaches her and kisses her cheek. He backs up and walks back to the path, going back to camp.

Daniella, blushing, steps out and looks at him walk away.

“Oh, by the way. Don’t ever flop on me again, or you will go home.”


“Zane speaking,” he says as he answers his cell phone. “Well…yes, I gave him a chance to rejoin—but—“

“…Yes I understand sir---yes…yes…---his lawyers want how much?”

“yes…yes…yes…alright. I’ll let him come back as an intern if that’s the only valid loophole.”


Scarlet pulls out the letter from the mail she got from her bikini bottom. She opens it up and reads it to herself again.

“Foul play…”

She cries softly outside, while the rest stay inside and sleep.

Episode Eight: Operation: Traitor Bait

Part One (Episode Eight):Edit

“Shocking elimination last night,” Scarlet says, stepping out into the grassy field of the Barosa Island.

“Totez,” Tony says, rubbing his eyes from the sunlight.

“So, what do we need to do today?” Scarlet asks Tony, but really means to ask the entire alliance. Michael steps from behind a tree, zipping up his pants.

“I forgot to ask—why are you in a bathing suit?” Tony questions her.

“He took our luggage from us. My clothes were in there.”


“Again—what are we doing today?” Scarlet turns to look at Michael.

“Well, Hailey’s our goat vote right now, so I say we just go along with her until we can’t go anymore. She’s voted with us before, I mean. Us four versus those four—if Olivia can even say she’s working with them. I say we do like yesterday: work to eliminate Harvey. If he’s immune, go Brady or Daniella,” Michael strategizes.

“Sounds good to me,” Tony agrees with his plan.

“We can’t abandon our plan, though. When we have the opportunity, we need to eliminate Harv. He’s been here for too long,” Scarlet says.

“Girl’s right,” Tony says.


Daniella emerges from behind a tree and walks up to the makeshift tent. She wiggles her way inside and shakes Harvey to wake him up. He is startled, but notices Daniella’s waking him up, and sneaks his way out—leaving Brady and Olivia to sleep.

“What is it, Dani?” Harvey asks, and then yawns.

“I want to talk to you about our plans for today.”

“Like what? Tonight we vote off either Olivia or the traitor. And if I don’t win immunity we’re screwed. You’re going home, I’m going home, or Brady is going home unless we can make the others think differently. Olivia won’t be easy to cheat over to our side because I wasted my idol at elimination. Tony, however, will be a good guy to get.”

“Attention all players! We have a reward challenge coming up! Please report to base camp immediately!” Zane announces from the speaker box in the heart of the island.


Olivia and Brady awaken, and stay behind the tribe as the rest go forward to base camp.

“He betrayed me. He told me he’d give me his idol!” Olivia pouts, crossing her arms and looking down.

“And I betrayed him. He’s smart, I’ll give him that. He has to go home, or I’m going, and so are you,” Brady says.

“I’m in it for the consolation. Returnees never win.”

“Well, you could win if you tried.”


At base camp, the final eight players gather around Zane. He smiles and welcomes them. “Welcome, players. Today’s reward challenge is a very special thing. You’ll be swimming out to the ocean in front of me, all the way out to the large platform. It is there that you must open up the chest and pull out one coconut. You must use this coconut back here at base camp. You’ll be hurling it out from a throwing line to hit your coconut in the appropriately colored target. If you fail, you get the coconut back, and keep going. The first person to win gets the reward.”

“Sounds easy, unlike our other challenges,” Tony says.

“Aha, yes. Anyway, the reward is very special. The winner will be given a three day vacation at the Palm Beach resort just off the coast of these islands. You will be pampered and fed, and best of all, you get to take a friend to keep it not-so-lonely. There is a downside to this, however. The two players at the hotel will not be voting at elimination tonight, but they are also not immune. If they are eliminated, they will be sent home. As well, in the hotel, a new hidden immunity idol will be placed. This is no skull and rope idol: it is a truly hidden object. If it is not found, the idol will be moved to the island and buried.”

“Cool!” Tony exclaims.

“Would anyone like to sit out, or will we all be competing for the reward?”

“Personally, I don’t care for the relaxation. It might put me up at risk,” Harvey says.

“I certainly care!” Michael exclaims.

“Harvey’s sitting out then. Contestants: begin!”


The players rush out to the ocean, swimming over to a large wooden platform floating in the water.

While swimming, Daniella looks back to Harvey to see what he’s up to. Nothing. He’s legitimately sitting out.

The first to approach the platform is Brady. He climbs on top and kicks open the wooden chest at the top. He pulls out a blue coconut and dives back into the water.

Up next is Scarlet. She climbs up and dashes over, and pulls out a red coconut. She dives back into the water.

Hailey and Daniella get green coconuts, and dive into the water.

The first to approach land is Brady. He climbs out and grabs a hold onto his blue coconut. He approaches a marked throwing line, and spots three small targets: Red, Blue, and Green.

Brady takes a shot to the blue target, and misses. He collects his coconut again, as Scarlet approaches land and hobbles her way to the throwing line.

She throws her coconut to the red target and misses.

Brady tries again and misses. Daniella approaches land and tries throwing at the green target. She misses.

“Oh my god my arm is so off today!” Scarlet shouts. She raises her arm up, and realizes she’s being handicapped by her top. She pulls the straps down to her side, and then throws her coconut harder.

It hits the target, and Michael gets an eye full of Scarlet’s chest. His chin drops. Scarlet cheers and re-straps her top. She backs up to Zane.

“Congratulations Scarlet! You win the pampering at the hotel! Now then, who will you be taking as a companion?”

“Uh…how about…uh…”

Come on, Scar! Michael pleads in his head.

“I’ll take Tony!”

“What!?” Michael exclaims, pondering how she could do that to him.

“Well then. Tony and Scarlet: you’ll be spending the rest of this day, and two days after, at the hotel. You will not be competing in the immunity challenge. However, at the hotel, you will be able to find the hidden idol. If you do, you can keep it. If you are voted off at the hotel and you have the idol, you can play it, and the player with the second most votes will go home. Let’s get you guys packed up and ready to go. I’ll see the rest of you at the immunity challenge. Goodbye.”

Part Two (Episode Eight):Edit

In a rather lush hotel room, Tony and Scarlet drop their bags and dash to the brown covered beds. Scarlet bounces on the bed and jumps for an entire five minutes, and Tony happily takes a shower. She dives off of the bed and searches through the dresser near her bed, and below a bay window.

“Oh my god…yes!” she pulls out her old clothes and places them on her bed. She removes her top and throws on her old shirt. “Finally!”

In the shower, Tony throws his hair back and applies some peach smelling shampoo. “I wonder where that idol is?”

Scarlet looks around, and then pulls out a second drawer. Then the third. She pulls out a note, and reads it quietly to herself.

The idol has been hidden in the hotel room. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, and is green.

Scarlet looks around, cautiously, for something green.


“Since Scarlet and Tony are gone to hunt down the idol, we’re screwed,” Michael says to Hailey.

“What do you mean?”

“They’re not competing with us or voting with us. The others are in some hardcore alliance, so that means it will be one of us or Olivia going home. So, this means that one of us needs immunity.”

“Well, what if they vote off Olivia?”

“That’s our goal. If she gets immunity, we’re all screwed.”

“Attention players: It is time for the immunity challenge! Meet me at Death Cliff on the highest side of the island,” Zane announces from the speaker box.


At the peak of a large cliff, everyone gathers around Zane. “Welcome back, contestants. Today’s challenge will involve some diving skills. You will climb to the top of this cliff and dive off into the ocean. In the water, you will be looking for an orange float deflated underwater. Your goal is to get one back to land and inflate it using one of the available pumps. After it is inflated, you will tie it up to a rope and throw it out to sea in an attempt to attach to one of the many wooden floats’ edges. You’ll open the chest on the float and pull out the key from inside. You’ll then take the key back over to me and unlock the golden chest, and pull out the crown. The first to do so will be immune. I know it’s a lot but you’ll know what to do when it comes to it. Let’s get started! Go!”

“Well, that was a brief introduction,” Brady says, before taking off up the mountain.

“Remember the plan,” Michael says to Hailey before he takes off up the cliff’s side.

Hailey goes up behind him and hustles her way through the challenge. Harvey approaches Brady and pushes him aside. He gets to the top first and dives off and into the water.

Brady approaches, looks down, and hesitates. He closes his eyes and dives off behind Harvey. Michael approaches beside Hailey and Daniella, and then all three dive off simultaneously.

At the bottom, Harvey grabs a small floatation device from the floor of the sea. He pulls out and swims back to land.

There, he grabs onto a small black solo-pump, and hooks it up to the floatie. He begins pumping when Michael approaches beside him and pumps up a slightly larger floatie.

Olivia dives off of the cliff and grabs her device, and looks around to realize she’s in last place.

Harvey finishes the pumping process, and dashes over to the water. He grabs a rope and ties it around the inside, then hurls it out to a wooden platform. It misses any wooden hooks.

Brady and Michael run up closer, tie ropes to their floats, and throw them out to hook onto a platform. Brady hooks his and drags it back. Harvey throws his back out and hooks onto his platform. He tugs it into the beach, and eventually kicks open the chest on top.

Brady kicks open the chest and digs through newspaper to find a wooden key. Harvey does the same, but emerges with his first. Olivia approaches them with a pumped float, but realizes she’s lost.

Harvey dashes up to a golden chest and inserts his key. He twists it, and the top pops off. He reaches inside and grabs the crown. He places it on his head. “Congratulations to Harvey! He’s immune from tonight’s vote!”

“Yes!” Harvey cheers. Daniella cheers, and Brady fakes a short cheer for him as well.

Michael, Olivia, and Hailey look slightly distraught.


Meanwhile, at the hotel, Tony steps out of his shower in a towel. He takes a seat on his bed while Scarlet searches frantically in a closet for the idol.

“What are you looking for?” Tony asks.

“The idol. What else would I be looking for?” Scarlet asks.

“Come on, Scar, we’re here for three days. You have plenty of time to do this.”

“I want this idol, Tony. Badly.” She pulls out a green ball and inspects it. She places it in her pocket, and it fits perfectly.

“I don’t think a ball is an idol.”

“It’s small, green, and fits in a pocket. That’s what this clue said,” Scarlet says, handing him the note from the dresser. He skims it over and looks back up to her.

“Good job, I guess.”

“And since I found it, I say we can share it. We’ll both agree on when to use it when it comes down to it. Deal?”



“This isn’t good,” Michael says, sitting down in the tent back at the tribal grounds.

“I hear you,” Olivia says, stepping inside.

“What do you want, Olive?”

“It’s Olivia. I know you don’t like me all that much—but we do have a common enemy. Harvey. And since he’s immune, we can vote off his best friend Daniella.”

Hailey steps into the tent next. “I heard all of that—and I love it. The only issue is: it’s us three versus those three.”

“Well, we can only hope someone will flip. I can’t imagine what a tie will be like,” Michael says. “I just hope they don’t vote off Scar.”

Part Three (Episode Eight):Edit

“Who are we voting off?” Daniella asks Harvey out on the beach.

“Well, the hotel children might have the idol. So, we can’t risk our vote. Let’s vote off the annoying germaphobe, Hailey,” Harvey replies.

“What about Brady? He’s a traitor!”

“Brady is an asset. With Marmalade gone, we’re in the lead with him. We can get him to be with us, and that’s an automatic three votes. I just have to keep winning immunity is all.”

“So like, what, tell Brady to vote off Hailey?”

“Yes. That’s the plan.”

Daniella exits the water and approaches Brady, who sits on the beach playing around with a few beads he found laying around.

“We want you to vote off Hailey.”

“What a broad thing to say. What happens if I vote with the others and get you off tonight, huh?”

“Well, I’m hoping you won’t. Because they don’t like you. They think you’re a traitor. If you come with Harv and I, we’ll dominate the rest of this game! Ha!”

“I’ll consider it but I’m not making any promises,” Brady says, standing up and walking off to the woods.


At base camp, the tribe gathers around the stone bleacher. Harvey takes the king’s seat, while the others sit behind him.

“Castaways, I welcome you to elimination. Harvey here is immune from tonight’s vote, so that’s a plus for him. As for the rest of you, you’re up for grabs. Brady, who do you think you’ll be siding with tonight?”  Zane asks.

“The Michael and Scarlet alliance thing. Daniella is totally going home tonight.”

“Daniella, do you feel threatened by this accusation?”

“I…well, don’t know what to say. I hope it’s not my last night here.”

“Interesting. Harvey, what do you think will happen?”

“If Brady flops on me and eliminates Daniella, I will have him taken down. It won’t be fun but it’ll be an easy task.”

“Well, this has been very intriguing. What about you, Olivia? Do you think you’re in a good position right now?”

“Of course. Any vote not against me is a good vote in my book.”

“Interesting. We’ll kick off voting with Harvey, and move on to the others.”

Voting Camera: Harvey

“Brady deserves to come home tonight. But the others are voting off Daniella, which sucks for me. I’m voting off Hailey.”

Voting Camera: Daniella

“Well, I might as well say goodbye.”

Voting Camera: Olivia

“Goodbye, Daniella.”


“I know nobody here has an idol, so I’ll go ahead and play it by ear. The person eliminated will be eliminated forever, like usual. I’ll now read off the votes.”

“First vote: Daniella.”

Daniella gasps.

“Second vote: Hailey.”

“Third vote: Daniella.”

“Fourth vote: Daniella. That’s three Dani, one Hailey.”

“Fifth vote: Hailey.”

“My swing vote,” Brady says out loud.

“Sixth vote: Hailey. It’s a tie!”

The others gasp and look at the potential victims beside them.

“In the event of a tie, we will play a game known as the Wheel of Misfortune. Here’s the deal—Hailey and Daniella will be given a color. The rest of you will spin the wheel of misfortune. If you land on either of their colors, they get a point. If you land on green, you get to send a point to whoever you desire. The person with the most points will be eliminated.”

Moments later, some interns carry in a wheel with several spots of red and blue on it, while a green wedge lies at the bottom of the wheel.

“First of all—Daniella is red, and Hailey is blue. First up: Brady. Come spin the wheel!”


Brady approaches the spinner and gives it a hard thrust. Within a few seconds, it lands on the color red.

“One point Daniella. Harvey is up next!”

Harvey approaches the wheel and spins it. It lands on blue.

“One point all. Olivia is next!”

Olivia spins the wheel and lands on blue. She looks a little upset and sits back down.

“Michael is the final spinner!”

Michael approaches and spins, and it lands on red.

“Another tie. Two to two. So, I’ll spin the wheel and we’ll decide who goes home then. The player going home tonight is…”

Zane spins the wheel. It lands on the color…

Red. “Daniella! You’ve been eliminated in the tie breaker!”

Daniella's jaw drops. She turns back to Harvey and frowns. "H--Harvey! Do something!"

"There's nothing I can do, darling. Looks like you're out."


“Daniella, you are now officially eliminated. It’s been fun. Goodbye.”

"N-No! Wait just a second! Harvey-you promised I'd stay in with you to the finals!"

"I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like it's working out that way, does it?"

"You lied to me!"

"I can't help you lost the tie breaker, Daniella."

"No! You know you can!"

"Really, I can't."

"You hate traitors? You're a traitor yourself! I hope you choke on a termite!"

"Someone drag her off, please?"

"You don't care about me! You never did!"


"You never cared about me at all! I thought we had something! But---you just played me! That kiss--I thought it meant something!"

"What kiss?"

"I can't...I can't believe you would--"

She stomps onto the white elimination boat, crying, and heads off to Exile Island.

“Ouch. Looks like she’s out. You can all head back to camp.”

"Thank God."


In a small office space, Zane opens the door and steps inside. “You wanted to see me, sir?”

“Yes. Have a seat,” his boss commands. Zane takes a seat in a leathery chair.

“Your new intern is here. You must abide by the contract that you cannot fire him until the end of the show.”

“Hello, Zane,” says a figure from the shadows. James steps out and holds out his hand. Zane shakes it.

“welcome to the team.”

Episode Nine: Marooned At SeaEdit

Part One (Episode Nine):Edit

Part Two (Episode Nine):Edit

Part Three (Episode Nine):Edit

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