This user is a Featured User. That means that this user was voted to be one of the best and most beloved users on the wiki.

This is the place where you can vote for best user on the site! Each month, one nominee will win the title of Featured User. The way to win is to have the most supporting votes by the end of the month. If a user recieves 5 or more oppose votes, he/she will be removed from the ballot. 


To nominate yourself for Featured User, make a size 4 heading with your username, then write a little description of why you should win. Then, make the "Support" and "Oppose" section in size 3 heading underneath. 

To support or oppose a user, sign with your signature underneath the correct heading, (either Support or Oppose).


  • Users may not nominate each other, even if he/she gives the user permission. 
  • A user may not oppose a user without explaining why. Just signing your signature, or writing, "I don't like you," is not an option. Tell why you don't think the user deserves the title; give constructive feedback. To support however, a user only has to sign with a signature, however he/she can still explain.
  • Users may not vote for their own nomination. 
  • Users can support or oppose as many users as they want, but only vote 1 one time for each nomination. (For example, you cannot support and oppose a user.)

Past WinnersEdit

No users have won the title yet.


Featured User will start next month.