NOTE: The "The Face of Oblivion" dystopian-science-fiction series is owned by DanChan123 on Wikia, who is known as SArchangel on Fictionpress. "The Face of Oblivion" is a rewrite of an incomplete work DanChan123/SArchangel wrote in 2012 on Fictionpress. The author plans to write a rough-draft story on Writer's Resort Wiki before revising it and publishing the final edition on Fictionpress.


In the distant future, centuries after an terrifying alien invasion, the last of mankind, bent on survival, retreated into refuge lands known as States, and built walls around them to protect themselves from the aliens that now conquer the rest of Earth and the Solar System. Mankind now lives in dark times: civilization is now a "dog-eats-dog" dystopian world, where any sacrifice, no matter the cost of morality, must be made to ensure that everything stays in order. As the days darken, several young minds are introduced to this world in the most terrifying ways; ways that will not only change their lives, but influence them to change the lives of all humanity as they follow obliviously towards unknown destinies.

Table of Contents Edit

  1. Prologue