Living far away in a land that’s long long gone,
A land that stretched for miles by the name of Asgaron,
There was a brave brave soul with a helmet on his head,
That set out to save his village, also known as Esined.

His town had lots of gold, treasure then unknown to men,
So the nearby one of Harrad had to know it would be them,
Who’d end up with the gold in piles all over the town,
After bloodspill, after head-roll, it would be theirs, this they vowed.

So they pillaged and they plundered ‘till the golden sun went down,
And all the people cowered inside with a sad, scared frown,
Until their hero clad in armor stepped out to save the day,
A heart filled with hope but a body in harm’s way.

A single sword in hand, he fought a dozen stronger men,
And dozens became hundreds before our hero met his end,
So he did not save the day and his town went down too fast,
A single sword in hand and a knife in his back.