hi my name is kira and this is how my time is changed

so yesterday was walking to the park with Megan.

megan stops and says: "Have you ever wonder about time"

i say "well Father tiime is watching over us"

she said "oh how do u know"

and from that moment on we were not friends, well I dont need that stupid bitch anyway

so then I was aslepe and in the dreams I had there was a largeness!

yes was large. it was very vary large and a tad scary.

it said "kira" i said "what" it said "time changes"

and then I saw CLOCKS yes lots of, them. tick tock tick tock

almost like a keSha song! aha it was very scare.

clocks all around, was a little frightening but I did not panic. I went to the clock and said "change" but then my mom woke me up (it was time to go to daycar)e and she sauid "u have sleeped for 12 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and thats

how my time changed i hope you enjoyed the story

- kira