Hello. My name is Zoey, as some of you may or may not know. I have seen that this wiki is inactive, probably untouched for months. However, I am here to revive this wiki and make this wiki flourish and with great activity. There might be few people at first, but I promise I will help get this wiki back on its feet. This place seems really fun and cool, where you can write your own story and post it for others to enjoy. I also know that I am not an admin and new, but I am a wiki old person. That means I have been on other wiki for quite some time. The wiki that I am the oldest on is, I think, the Total Drama wiki. There I am about three years old, or more. I haven't checked lately. I see this wiki with much potential and I really want it to be active because I want to join and create my own stories. 

So, people, please help me revive this wiki by posting it on blogs on other wikis to get other users to join if they are willing or interested. I will start on the Total Drama Island Fanfiction wiki by posting a blog to get people interested in joining this wiki.

That is all, my little munchkins. <3 ~Zoey